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13 Work from Home Nursing Jobs

13 Work from Home Nursing Jobs

Working from home can really be a godsend. Working in the convenient setting of your home, the ability to take breaks when you want to, no senior executive breathing down your neck to get the job done, the freedom to work the hours you want and all the while be there for your family when they really need you.  Working from home is indeed an ideal situation. But is working from home possible in all professions, especially healthcare?

5 Reasons Why Nurses Often Make Excellent Entrepreneurs

Did you know that there is a growing segment of the nursing population who are self-employed? There are way more entrepreneurial opportunities nowadays than most people are aware of. This is not surprising to me. Nursing is an amazingly diverse profession. Also, I think that we already have some excellent entrepreneurial skills.

avoid medical errors

Nurse Entrepreneur Spotlight: Avoid Medical Errors, Pat Iyer, MSN, RN, Lncc

On Avoid Medical Errors you can find a wealth of material related to staying healthy and becoming an educated consumer of healthcare. Her time spent working on medical malpractice cases can help you become informed of your rights an standards as a patient. She has a variety of patient education materials available to help you avoid the risk that can be associated with receiving medical care.

If you are a nurse and are reading this, lets not forget, we are all patients.

Avoid Medical Errors has much information that is available on the blog free of charge. There are also inner circle modules that are specific educational materials. You can sign up as a member and dive into well researched and vetted materials. There are new materials added to these modules every month and include exclusive interviews with medical professionals, inside tips, and special reports to help you better navigate the medical world.

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