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Night-Shift Nurse Job Guide

Night-Shift Nurse Job Guide

From how much night nurses make to how to adjust to your new sleeping schedule, this is everything you need to know about a night-shift nurse job.

10 Smart Tips for Night Shift Nurses

10 Tips for Nurses on the Night Shift

If you’re scheduled to work the night shift as a nurse, you better start saving up on that sleep and getting ready for long nights that will switch between being arduously boring and tremendously busy, seemingly at random. Unlike the day shift in hospitals and medical clinics, the night shift often sees a less steady flow of traffic, though things can get really messy and hectic should an emergency occur overnight. Below, read through 10 tips that can be helpful to you as you prepare for the night shift routine, so you’re not instantly overwhelmed whether you’re rotating from the day shift or starting a brand new position entirely.

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