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The New Nurse’s Guide to Paging a Doctor at Night

The New Nurses Guide to Paging a Doctor at Night

Did you know that communication failures are among the most common root causes leading to patient deaths as reported by the Joint Commission? That call could be the most important nursing intervention you make! Experienced nurses, as well as new grads, know the pain of dealing with a snippy doctor, but as a nurse, it’s your job to report changes in the status of your patient. Don’t let intimidation stop you.

7 Tips to Stay Awake on Night Shift

7 Tips to Stay Awake on Night Shift

Many new night shift nurses ask the question “How do I stay awake on night shift?” The body isn’t meant to be up at those hours and there are seriously physiological ans psychological forces working again you. Your body releases chemicals at night that encourage you to go to sleep. So if you find you’re having trouble staying awake at night, it’s just because you’re human. Even so it, it can be done and many nurses thrive on the night shift and would even tell you that they would never go back to day shift.

They Made Me Put My Socks On With a Stick

They made me put my socks on with a stick

I find it interesting how the most grumpy, disgruntled people react to kind gestures. It’s been my experience that usually someone with an attitude has a pretty good reason for it. There are the occasional crapheads who are just crappy for no reason, but usually there is some sort root cause for most meaness I experience in my nursing practice.

The Hardest Shift I’ve Ever Had – A long, eventful, tearful, and stressful journey as a night nurse

The Hardest Shift I've Ever Had - A long, eventful, tearful, and stressful journey as a night nurse

One of most terrible nights as a nurse was early in my career.

My patients were all high acuity patients. It was a night full tubes, drains, fall risks, confusion, decubitus ulcer, vascular wounds, PICC lines, central lines, shunts, stents, pacers, OG tubes, family conflicts, blood transfusions, fresh post-ops, spina bifida, and sadness. In addition to the loads of problems the fact that nearly all of my patients required constant attention and management made for a very busy, and emotionally trying evening.

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