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Top 9 Nursing Shoes for Men

Nursing Shoes for Men

More often than not, men are unjustly forgotten when it comes to nursing equipment and apparel, but not this time. Male nurses work the same long hours as their female counterparts and thus deserve their own list of comfortable nursing shoes to keep their aches and pains to a minimum. The best nursing shoes for men are subjective, but we will be detailing the most popular. Here you will find the top 10 nursing shoes for men because we don’t want the valuable 7% of the nursing workforce to be forgotten.

Male Vs. Female Nurses [Infographic]

Male Vs. Female Nurses Infographic

As the world changes, there will be an increased need for nurses. Many men shy away from joining the nursing profession due to gender stereotypes. According to the latest statistics, of all of the nurses currently on the job, only 5.8% are men. This means that more than 94% of nurses are women.

The economy is one in which male nurses can have a promising career. Over 700,000 jobs in the industry will be available in the next few years. Men typically earn more than $1,100 per week which is a competitive starting salary in today’s job market.

7 Resolutions for the Nursing Profession

With the new year we make many resolutions to improve our lives. As nurses, we have the unique ability to improve the lives of others on a daily basis. However, there are many nursing issues that we as face on a daily basis. We should be focusing attention on these areas to make the nursing profession and more desirable one to be a part of. We need to band together to ensure the best patient care possible.

Great Gift Ideas for Nurses, Nursing Students, and Nursing Instructors

Great Gift Ideas for Nurses, Nursing Students, and Nursing Instructors

Finding gift ideas for nurses is pretty simple. For the most part, we like everything. However, if you want to be sure it’s something useful for a nurse, this post has some great useful gift ideas for nurses.

If there is a nurse in your life that you’d like to honor by gifting with a small token of your appreciation, there are several great and inexpensive items that any nurse would flip over. Whether it’s your mother, wife, sister, co-worker, and caregiver, there are some gifts that almost any nurse would love. These suggestions would work well for any practicing nurse, nursing student, or nursing instructor. And we can’t forget those male nurses in your life. I’ve even thrown in a few ideas for gifts that any manly enough for any profession.

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