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How Long Does it Take to Become a Nurse?

How Long Does it Take to Become a Nurse?

Dreaming of a career as a nurse? There many factors that may lead someone into the nursing profession, but the cost of tuition and the length of study can be significant factors in your decision. The longer the course of study, the less time you have available to work, and the more student debt you will accrue! Luckily there are many options available to become a nurse. You can choose to go straight to your desired level or slowly work your way up with part-time studies. The choice is yours! So, how long does it take to become a nurse?

HIPAA for Nurses – A Few Dos and Don’ts

HIPAA for Nurses

Hospitals do a good job of educating on HIPAA policies, but there isn’t enough focus on guidelines around HIPAA for nurses. With the focus on privacy and security, we have all heard a lot about security breaches, privacy violations, and what HIPAA requires.

More Women in Technology Doesn’t Mean CES Has Caught Up

ces 2014

Even though there are more women in technology than ever before, the annual CES conference has not caught up. We need to ensure that there is equal representation at this huge tech showcase. And that the ladies who are on the floor are knowledgeable and informed about the products and services they are representing.

94 Percent of Hospitals Are Leaking Your Data

It seems almost impossible to imagine, but your data may not be 100% in healthcare systems. In fact, 94% of hospitals had leaked data with an average number of stolen records at 2,769. That’s a lot of data containing all sorts of private information. And even though almost all organizations are working to protect and secure their information (and in some cases your information) more than half of organizations report that they have no confidence that they can detect all data loss activities.

Organize Your Life With NeatReceipts Portable Scanner and Digital Filing System: Review

NeatReceipts is a mobile scanner and digital filing system to help you tame that paper monster in your life.

NeatReceipts and the NeatDesk are smart scanning solution that does more than just scan your documents. NeatReceipts transforms your digital documents into and organized and easily manageable file system. If you’re covered in mounds of paper that you just can’t bare to part with The Neat Company may just be your digital savior.

Meaningful Use and the Continuity of Care Document

Continuity of care documents (CCD) are a standard in electronic charting which ensures that relevant protected health information (PHI) can be shared with providers electronically and be received and used in a meaningful way.

5 Summer Cold Remedies For Kids

Summer colds are a total bummer; and so is not having a good remedy for it.Being a nerdy nurse and all, I am often asked to pass along valuable information. Sometimes it’s information that is just not very valuable. Other times the information has value, but I can’t bring myself to write anything about it …

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Translator for Nurses Who Don’t Speak Geek: Nurse Informaticists

I want to be a translators for nurses who don’t speak geek. I want to be a translator for geeks who don’t seek nurse. Somewhere in the nerdy nursing middle of all of this, we will all help to facilitate excellence in patient care. We will deliver safe and effective care, we will find a balance between technology and technical, and we will all be enhancing the quantity and quality of the lives of the patients in our community.

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