Gifts for Nurses: All The Best Nurse Gift Ideas in One Place

Gifts for Nurses: All The Best Ideas in One Place

Whether you are shopping for your best friend, or manager, finding the best gifts for nurses doesn’t have to be hard. Sure you could go with something generic, but most nurses appreciate gifts that honor their chosen profession. Look for items that are cute, original, and classy that are sure to touch a nurse’s heart.

Nurse Pride: 11 Funny Nursing Shirts

11 Funny Nursing Shirts

Show your nurse pride with these funny nursing shirts. All of them have a sense of humor about them. Some are witty, others sassy. I’m sure you’ll find something that matches your personality on this list.

Appropriate and Thoughtful Gifts for Preceptors

It’s important to show your preceptor that you’re grateful for all their effort, and finding the right gifts for preceptors will help convey your gratitude. We've talked about gifts for nurses, nurse graduation gifts, and even gifts you can buy for the whole shift. Now let's look at gifts for preceptors.

It’s an honor to be a preceptor. I love taking a new nurse, or a student nurse, under my wing and teaching them the ropes of nursing. And while I find great joy in teaching, I also find it incredibly stressful. Not that the new nurse isn’t smart, they are. It’s just a stressful job, and it’s very fast-paced, which means that it’s easy to fall behind and it’s easy to miss something. I have a routine, one I know that works well for me and my patients and keeps me in check throughout the day. If I have to hand over some of the responsibility to a newbie, or slow my pace down to explain something, it’s much easier to overlook something important, or fall behind and have to stay at work charting until 9pm. Not to mention, it’s my license that is on the line.

Nurse Christmas Wish List – 8 Ideas for Thoughtful Gifts for Nurses

Nurse Christmas Wish List - 8 Ideas for Thoughtful Gifts for Nurses

A nurse’s Christmas is often not like others. Instead of spending the day with their families, many nurses will spend the day caring for the ill. On Christmas morning when you’re running downstairs, wearing your Christmas pajamas, and excited to spend time with your family, think of the nurses and other healthcare workers who are taking care of the sickest of the sick. Nurses are hard at work when the rest of the world relaxes. It’s a hard job, but fortunately many people are aware of how difficult it can be, and are very supportive of nurses.

17 Stethoscope Accessories Nurses Will Love

17 Stethoscope Accessories Nurse Will Love

These stethoscope accessories are perfect for gifting, or just updating your own work wardrobe. As nurses, we all use the same tools every day depending on our specialty. That is why I like to show my personality and my creativity in the accessories I choose to bling-up my stethoscope. Etsy is truly full of adorable accessories that will let you upgrade the looks of your stethoscope and here are my favorite picks!

22 Personalized Gifts For Nurses

22 Personalized Gifts For Nurses

Personalized gifts for nurses are one of the best ways to give your nursing friends, family or colleagues a great gift that they will cherish for years to come. No matter what nursing specialty, or years of experience, they are sure to love any of these amazing and beautiful gifts.

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