The Best Vein Finder Lights and How They Work

The Best Vein Finder Lights and How They Work

As a nurse, you depend on your tools to make your job easier. Discover the best vein finder lights and learn how they work – all right here. How Do Vein Finder Lights Work? The science behind vein finder lights is pretty fascinating. The most popular vein finders are made by Accuvein. And this is what their website says about how they …

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Effective Nursing Interventions for Anxiety

Effective Nursing Interventions for Anxiety

Being admitted to the hospital can be a jarring experience. You start the day, living your normal routine, and before you know it you’re lying on a stretcher under intense fluorescent lights with people hovering over you, poking you with needles and talking in a language you’re not really familiar with. Sounds like a scene from a horror movie. Nursing …

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Discover Your Passion for Technology with eBay

Discover Your Passion for Technology with eBay

One of my personal missions in life is to empower people (especially nurses) to become more confident using and passionate about technology. I’m a big advocate for integrating technology into your routine. This includes using tablets and computers to educate children, expand the minds of adults, and keep aging loved ones connected to the world.

This can be a real challenge because of the high prices associated with many of the latest and greatest high tech gadgets. However, there’s no need to swear off top of the line technologies because of retail stickers prices. I hardly ever pay full retail value on any of the technology products and accessories that I buy.

Eggtronic Hub-It Sync and Charge Station Review

Eggtronic Hub It Sync and Charge Station Review

This  Eggtronic Hub-It Sync and Charge Station review has been facilitated by a sample product. Opinions stated are my own. We have a lot of devices in our house. This can often lead to frustration and confusion when the favorite iPhone charger is occupied or my husband doesn’t remember that he put his iPhone on the charger in a different …

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9 Nerdy Gift Ideas and Novelties

9 Nerdy Novelties

In high school nerds are obsessing over their hobbies, writing code, reading, and doing other things that will often make them wealthy adults.

Fortunately, that disposable income in adulthood can come with some perks. One of my personal favorites is all the nerdy novelties that once can acquire. Some of our favorites are listed below.

SteelSeries Stratus iOS Controller Review: The Best iOS7 Controller on the Market

SteelSeries Stratus Controller

Hurry and run, don’t walk, to buy the SteelSeries Stratus iOS7 controller now!

Honestly, you don’t even need to read the rest of the review. The controller is just that good. It is the iOS controller that we’ve all been waiting for. It’s everything you could ever want from the physical control realm of iOS gaming. We firmly believe it’s the best iOS7 controller on the market.

12 Days of Nerdy Christmas: Amazon Edition

nerdy gift ideas

Nerds are funny people. Most of us genuinely appreciate any kind gesture that is bestowed upon us, especially a Christmas gift. However, since you’re nerds, we definitely know our tech so if you plan on buying something digital for a special geek in your life, you need to make sure you getting quality nerd gear. You wouldn’t want us to awkwardly accept a gift that we’d never buy for ourselves, now would you?
Didn’t think so.

But really, it can be difficult to buy Christmas gifts for anyone. The hard part of gifting family and friends is finding that unique item that you think will be a big hit. We’ve taken the time to round up some of awesome find on Amazon to help ease that problem and give you plenty of ideas to find that special someone a special gift (whether they are a nerd of not!).

Six Senior Friendly Gadgets That Help Them Stay Connected And Healthy

senior friendly gadgets and technology

Today’s seniors are unlike many of past generations. These days, older Americans expect things their counterparts in previous generations wouldn’t have considered.

For example, most want to stay in their own homes as they age. They want to take care of themselves. And many want to avoid being the stereotypical befuddled senior citizen who doesn’t understand technology.

Nintendo 2DS Versus iOS7 Controllers

I say that if you own an iPhone, then you should just throw out the Nintendo Gameboy all together and wait for anyone of these amazing new iOS 7 MiFi controllers to be released. Don’t get me wrong I think the Nintendo 2DS is cool but in order for me to justify carrying around another device for mobile gaming the price is gonna have to come a down a bit more then 129.99. I already carry my phone everywhere I go and see no immediate need to replace it or add any extra bulk to my person.

An Incredibly Stupid Decision: We Got a Dog

We are so not dog people. In fact, we’re so far from dog people that we often make jokes about how weird dog people are.

Perhaps its something about growing older, or maybe things were getting too routine, but something in our crazy brains inspired us to acquire this puppy.

We’d been considering getting a dog for a while now. It was this itch that kept building. It was like a festering boil growing on our back. It was just enough out of our reach so that we couldn’t scratch it, and then we finally managed to get a hold of it (the dog, that is, not a boil, we don’t have boils… at least I don’t)

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