I-MEGO Throne – Gold: Over the Ear Headphones Review

over the ear headphones

I-MEGO Throne – Gold headphones are a stylish way to enjoy exceptional audio. In addition to their amazing sound, the I-MEGO Throne look like they are about to rock your face off. The gold tones are reminiscent of iconic microphones of the 50’s.

While I am typically not an over the ear headphone user, the Throne Gold are quickly making be a believer. Never have I owned a set of in-ear headphones that produce audio as clear as the Throne. In addition to their superior audio quality, the comfort is far superior to any in-ear bud I’ve ever used. The I-MEGO Throne are the most comfortable headphones I’ve ever worn. I have no doubt that the premium leather headband and memory foam ear pads.

Best Shoes for Nurses: Timberland PRO Renova Professional Footwear Review

Best Shoes for Nurses: Timberland PRO Renova Professional Footwear Review

If there is one thing every nurse needs it’s a good pair of shoes. Finding the best shoes for nurses should be the goal of any nurse who spends 12 hours shifts on his/her feet. But it’s not just about a comfortable pair of nursing shoes, but also a stylish and functional pair that could trick your feet into thinking they haven’t been working long 12 hour shifts. You know, super-awesome nursing shoes that don’t really look like nurses shoes, and that your feet practically thank you for wearing. The kind of nursing shoes that make you say “This has got to be the best nursing shoe on the planet!” and make the perfect complement to any nursing uniform or scrubs.

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