10 Things Every Nurse Needs to Thrive

10 Things Every Nurse Needs to Thrive

Every nurse is important. But if you want to reach next-level status—we’re talking the Lebron James of the nursing profession—you’re going to need some products, resources, and memberships. Don’t worry: I got you covered.

NCLEX Cruise & CEU Cruises for Nurses

NCLEX Cruise and CEU Cruises for Nurses

My friend Renee Thompson has solved a huge problem for nurses with her NCLEX cruise and CEU cruises for nurses.
When my friend Renee Thompson told me she and with Dr. Louise Jakubik would be organizing these nursing cruises, I was SO excited! These ladies are some of the most dynamic and impactful nursing thought leaders I know. Everything they create is awesome, provides incredible value, and nurses always leave feeling pumped!

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