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Fundamentals of Nursing: Books and Resources


Even though we are in an age where you may believe that Google is the “all-knowing one” who holds the answers to all your questions, books and traditional media of learning are still irreplaceable. There’s nothing quite like the comfort of feeling the weight of a book in your bag, especially when examinations are right around the corner! This makes books all the more relevant in fields that are highly academic; nursing is one of them. And sometimes, no matter how complicated the situation, we can find answers by going back to the basics, which is why we’ve put together an article on the best resources and books that can be found on the fundamentals of nursing.

5 Excellent Books For Nurses By Nurses

Many nurses practice nursing in ways that are less than traditional, such as authors. Check out these 5 books for nurses written by nurses.

With over 3 million nurses in the United States it’s not surprising to hear about ways they practice nursing that are a little less traditional. Nurses are becoming authors at an increasing rate and bringing quality content to a growing library of books written for nurses. It’s not surprising that the best nursing books are written by men and women who have actually practice nursing and can identify with other nurses.And these nurse author aren’t just writing text books or “how to” guides for nurses. The are writing compelling stories of the drama they face everyday on the floor. They are writing powerful tales that nurses can identify with. They are telling the untold stories of patient care.

Meet and Greet Nurse Authors at the Magnet Conference during National Health IT Week

Meet and Greet Nurse Authors at the Magnet Conference during National Health IT Week

I am thrilled to announce that I will be joining Capella University at the upcoming ANCC NATIONAL MAGNET CONFERENCE® in Atlanta, Georgia. On Friday, October, 9th 2015, I will be signing copies of my book, The Nerdy Nurse’s Guide to Technology. You’ll also have a chance to take a photo with me, which is a prize all it’s own, right? – Okay, maybe not; but I’d love to meet all of you!

6 Essential Smartphone Resources for Nursing Students

6 Essential Smartphone Resources for Nursing Students

The Skyscape Medical Library app comes loaded with a few useful resources including: Skyscape Rx, Skyscape Clinical Consult (includes a Signs and Symptoms Index), and Skyscape Clinical calculator. The app has many innovative and helpful features.

First Place in the AJN Book of the Year Awards

Award Winning Social Media and Technology Guide for Nurses

The American Journal of Nursing has awarded the honor of book of the year to The Nerdy Nurse’s Guide to Technology. The book received first place honors in the Information Technology/Social Media category.

I am sincerely honored and grateful that the AJN has selected my book as one noteworthy in the year 2014. To have my little technology and social media guidebook alongside textbooks and other prestigious nursing publications is mindblowing.

Becoming Nursey: The Inspiration Behind the Book

Becoming Nursey

We’re all in this together; it should not be a fight for survival for new nurses. It’s a team working together towards the same goal – to give every patient remarkable and supportive care and support each other in doing that. Patients may forget your name, but they will never forget how you cared for them. And that starts with caring for each other.

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