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The Best Stethoscope For Nurses – The Ultimate Guide to Nurse Stethoscopes

The Best Stethoscope For Nurses - A Complete Guide to Nurse Stethoscopes

Are you looking for the best stethoscope for nurses? You likely already know that nurses use many important pieces of equipment on a daily basis. Whether you’re trying to obtain a blood pressure, or listening to the chest of a little one with a cough, your stethoscope is a vital piece of nursing gear.

Is the Littmann Electronic Stethoscope better than other stethoscopes?

Littmann Electronic Stethoscope

If you want to get better at auscultation and enjoy the convenience of documenting the sounds auscultated by transferring them to a computer using cutting-edge Bluetooth tech, look no further than Littman electronic stethoscopes. Digital stethoscopes have been here for quite some time now. As advanced instruments that are superior in quality to traditional stethoscopes, …

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Best Littmann Stethoscopes

Best Littmann Stethoscopes

So you are a nursing practitioner and you are torn about which stethoscope to buy. Used by a great number of proud doctors, nurses and medical professionals around the world, Littman stethoscopes offer terrific acoustic response, exceptional value, and superior results overall. Best Littmann Stethoscopes In this roundup, we are going to take a look …

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Heart Rate and 3 Other Medical Tests You Can Do At Home

Your ability to perform medical tests with equipment you have on hand may mean the difference between finding a potentially life threatening ailment before it becomes a real problem. It could help identify some symptoms if a doctor isn’t present, and give you an idea of someone’s state of health. Whenever possible, you should seek real medical attention from a certified professional, but in a pinch there are a few tests you should know about…

Nurse Informaticist – The Bigger Picture Nurse

That’s what nursing informatiics is like. Or at least, in my humble opinion, that’s how nurse informaticists should practice. We can’t fix immediate problems and ignore the big picture. By all means, we must fix the immediate issues, but we need to explore and dig deeper to see what really caused the problem and how we can not only fix this problem, but improve the entire process.

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