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Code Blue in the Hospital: What to Do as a Nurse

Code Blue in the Hospital: What to Do as a Nurse

A code blue is a terrifying experience as a nurse. It’s stressful for experienced nurses and those on the code team, but even more for inexperienced or new nurses. Let’s look at what code blue is and how to respond as a nurse so that you are prepared.

10 Ways to Describe the C Diff Smell

10 Ways to Describe the C Diff Smell

Clostridium Difficile (C Diff) is an intestinal bacterium that has been wreaking havoc in hospitals and infection control departments. It is what is known as a nosocomial infection – an infection obtained while in hospital from infectious spread from other patients. One of the most significant challenges with C Diff is the delay in detection. Nurses are instrumental in early identification and isolation of infected patients decreasing the risk of transmission to more patients.

How Long Does it Take to Become a Nurse?

How Long Does it Take to Become a Nurse?

Dreaming of a career as a nurse? There many factors that may lead someone into the nursing profession, but the cost of tuition and the length of study can be significant factors in your decision. The longer the course of study, the less time you have available to work, and the more student debt you will accrue! Luckily there are many options available to become a nurse. You can choose to go straight to your desired level or slowly work your way up with part-time studies. The choice is yours! So, how long does it take to become a nurse?

How to Become a Nurse

How to Become a Nurse

The road to becoming a nurse is long and laborious. If you’re not sure about the path you’re going to take, the process can be twice as difficult. You can even end up spending more money and time than you’re supposed to. If you’re not sure where to start, the guide below can teach you exactly how to become a nurse.

Super Cute Nurse Cakes from Pinterest

There any many celebrations and occasions that justify having an awesome nurse cake. Check out these awesome Nurse cakes found on Pinterest.

There any many celebrations and occasions that justify having an awesome nurse cake. Here are just a few:

Getting accepted into Nursing School
Graduating from Nursing School
Getting your first nursing job
Getting a promotion into a administrative nursing job
Coming off a 5 day stretch of 12 hours shifts
Okay… so the last one may have been a little much, but there are still plenty of awesome reasons to have a nurse themed cake.

Check out these awesome Nurse and medical themed cakes found on Pinterest.

What is it Really Like to be a Nurse?

What is it really like to be a nurse?

There are so many people who get into nursing without having any idea what it is really like. And while we all know that you have to live it to even being to know if you will love it, wouldn’t it be nice to share your knowledge with a new generation of nurses? Oh, and as a huge bonus, you could win a ton of money to spend on

Education Adds to Your Nursing Toolbox


If you are are interested in advancing your nursing career, there single, most effective method, would be furthering your education. As nurses we have many assets that we utilize to provide patient care. These range from technical skills, knowledge, critical thinking skills, and leadership abilities. But we can always stand to have more tools in our nursing toolbox.

Being an Advocate Means Being a Target

Being a nurse involved with social media certainly has its challenges. Once you get over the fear of losing your job for your blog or twitter account, there is a honeymoon period. During this time you feel empowered and exhilarated by your ability to have a voice and make an impact online. You use this voice to make an impact on the issues that matter to you and your profession.

True advocacy means making a difference

Anti-Cancer Virus: Destroys Cancer, Creates Zombies

A new man-made virus has been created that is actually killing cancer. This lab created virus apparently makes a bee-line straight for the cancer-cells in your body and destroys them. Interestingly enough, this was not the original intention of the virus. The hope was that the virus would seek out the cancer cells and act as a transport system to get cancer killing medication to the targeted cells.

Nursing Informatics: It’s About the Bigger Picture

Becoming a nurse informaticist would allow me to be passionate about the things I love: technology and healthcare. I would be able to make a real difference in an organization by inspiring those around me to get excited about innovation and improvements. I just may be able to convince a few more nurses and doctors to look at the bigger picture when technology is involved. Don’t think about the here and now and the minor frustrations you are inconvenienced by, but think about the long term benefits that you and your patients will experience.

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