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I wrote recently about how my hospital’s administration has decided to go the route of uniforms. Of course, there are obvious pros and cons to this decision, but they made it, with little involvement from the nurses.

What was bothersome about this change to me was the fact that they didn’t really involve the nurses. They made a major decision that effects our daily lives and addressed our opinions as an after thought. We are mandated to a specific color, brand, location to purchase, and have to embroider their logo on the scrubs that we have to pay for.

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smurf scrubs

I understand the benefits of uniforms and the professionalism they can help to convey, but I don’t like the blatant disregard for our opinions when choosing them. I also don’t like being told who gets my money. But I will say, the musings of some nurses staying they feel like there should be a stream of the Smurf’s theme song La la la-ing over the intercom is pretty funny and would certainly make for a interesting work day.

Since many nurses work long shifts, and spend much their time dressed in scrubs, it is entirely understandable that one might want to be outfitted in attire that they feel is flattering and fashionable. Long gone are the days of the standard teal v-neck OR scrubs. A dazzling array of colors, patterns, and styles are available that can assist nurses in their self expression and comfort while providing patient care.



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Tafford.com has an extensive collection of scrubs with exclusive designs and prints that are update every month. Browsing through the pages I am reminded oh how nice it was to have a choice in what I wore to work. Seeing the unique prints, and some of the interesting cuts and designs makes me sad that I no longer have a choice in scrubs.

If I did have the ability to pick my own hospital attire, I may very well pick some of these lovlies:

Tafford.com Review - NAT780 GRAS 1Tafford.com Review - NAT910 COFB 1


I like these two styles particularly because they are fashionable, figure flattering, and yet still very professional. I also find it worth mentioning that tafford scrubs aren’t lacking in their size selection, with sizes starting at XXS up to 6X.

The prices are great with scrub tops starting at around $10.98 (heck check the clearance section, where you can get scrub tops for as low as $4.98!) And as a thank-you for signing up for their mailing list, they will give you a coupon for $10 your first purchase of $60 or more.

And then there’s the shipping.
Alas, many a great online deal have turned sour due to outrageous shipping charges. I am pleased to say that this is not the case with Tafford. Flat rate shipping for $6.95 on all orders, and if you spend over $100, then shipping is FREE!

So yes, needless to say, I’m a little bummed that I couldn’t buy my uniforms from Tafford. I certainly would have been able to afford a bunch more had they been dubbed the “vendor of choice”.

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22 thoughts on “Tafford.com Review”

  1. I think scrubs should be a form of self expression. I enjoy getting to wear the scrubs I choose at work.

  2. i love that we can still choose the scrubs we wear to work, i love freedom of expression
    susansmoaks at gmail dot com

  3. I have to agree with the comment about your work environment. I’ve worked in hospitals that required uniform scrub colors & ones that allow you to wear anything as long as it is appropriate to your unit. I’ve always worked in pediatrics though & feel that children & parents do pay attention to what you are wearing.

    1. The bottom line is professionalism.

      Cartoon characters are appropriate in a pediatrians office.
      Are they appropriate on an Oncology floor? Really thats a thinker. Some may feel it brightens the mood, and may help add some joy to an otherwise dismal experience.

      Honestly, though, I think that when everyone is dressed the same it looks much more professional.

  4. I’m a male nurse–with a Master of Fine Arts. When I graduated from nursing school, I was pretty much appalled by the scrub offerings out their–pansies and posies, Care Bears and Hello Kitty. I kept looking for something really cool. (Did run across a place called Pulama–nice variety of Hawaiian and Far Eastern prints.) Started my own scrub company late last year–Patho Phizz (www.pathophizz.com)–we’re using actual microscopic images of pathogens (bacteria, fungi, viruses) to generate original fabric designs, and making nice, heavy-duty, unisex 3-pocket scrub top. Check them out. Would love to know what you think…

    1. Love your concept. Have to admit, Im usually a fan of uni-sex tops. They are just not very form flattering for the ladies. However, I think this is great for male nurses and really love your marketing and branding! Looking forward to seeing more from you!

  5. ADAR Medical Uniforms manufactures quality scrubs, uniforms, lab coats, tops etc. which you will be proud to sell and your customers will proudly wear. The twill lab coat is also presented in several styles, among them a unisex lab coat in a super soft fabric called SuperTwill®.

  6. We can currently wear whatever we want but I wouldn’t be surprised if our hospital eventually moves to this. I work in the NICU which can be be a pretty overwhelming and sometimes sad place, so I like being able to wear cute and cheerful scrubs. I’m also picky about fit, pockets, etc so I like being able to choose my own.

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    rachelsgiveaways at gmail dot com

  7. I work in a facility where you can wear any pattern of scrub you choose as long as certain parts aren’t exposed. I personally think it’s a fun way to express yourself. Many patients comment on the different patterns, in a positive way! It seems to brighten what can be a very dark depressing place/time for the patients.

  8. Melissa Wertz Carilli

    I recently worked at a facility that had an “all white” dress code (caps optional)!! I truly appreciated the professional atmosphere that it created for the families and patients. It was also nice to know that the person in white was a medical person, the person in blue was a therapist etc…I have since moved on and work at an “anything goes” facility. While it was REALLY nice to pull my scrubs out of the mothballs, I kinda miss dressing up like a “real” nurse!

  9. ren lanneaux-meehan

    I work in a facility were we can wear any kind of scrubs and also work pool for a facility were there is a mandated color combo so I am lucky cuz I have the best of both worlds. I do like Tafford for thier large selection of all the scubs I need. If you sign up for the emails shipping is free alot of the times when only $25 is spent.

  10. I work in the ICU and have never been really bothered by anyones dress…everyone has their own style, whether it be colorful, characters, stylish or plain OR scrubs.
    I am bothered by people wearing wrinkled or dirty scrubs. I’m not saying starch, just remember to take them out of the dryer when it’s time.
    I also really dislike the floppy crocs. I know they are popular with lots but just not my thing.

  11. Too bad having the correct sizing can’t be mandated. Tired of camel toe, whale tails, moose knuckles and plumber’s crack around my work. We’ll see if these folks have scrubs for us guys thought, that’s the true test of a retailer!

  12. I don’t have anything against choosing your own scrubs but I think your choice should be reflective of the patients you’re treating. I don’t want a nurse wearing something I saw at a pediatricians treating me for something.

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