Nurse of the Year [Video] [Parody]

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Nursing can sometimes be a very under-appreciated profession. So when someone wants to off you’re an aware for being Nurse of the Year, that would be great, right?

Well… maybe?

View the video and let us know what you think.

Nurse of the Year


The tips for new nurses are pretty spot on, for the most part. But honestly, I have never felt completely thankless as a nurse. I’ve had some management in the past that made me feel pretty replaceable, but the patients and other staff usually made up for that.

Nursing is very rewarding to most of us, but it’s good fun to laugh at a few nursing related jokes that are on the cynical side.

Besides, who there isn’t near enough nurse humor on the internet and there certainly aren’t enough funny nurse videos.

What are your best tips for nurses?

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3 thoughts on “Nurse of the Year [Video] [Parody]”

  1. This is sooo true. No one tells you this in nursing school.
    One good thing about training your bladder is, if you have a long flight to take, you
    don’t have to use the b-rooms on the plane!

  2. That is the funniest thing I have ever seen which completely wraps up what I think helped me make it through nursing training was someone who yelled at me without remorse to wonder why I ever decided to be a nurse! The bladder holding capacity is beyond hilarious I always thought it was a miracle to make it after 6 natural child births how I ever made it through back to back 12 hour shifts with an amazing iron bladder! I plan to be incontinent if I ever have to hold it like tha again, especially while getting yelled at by ruthless people of various positions-patients, mentors, instructors, I hope patients never take for granted that they have nursing staff who may never get to touch a toilet for hours on end hauling butts onto toilets without peeing our pants,
    I love this video!

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