Is Fast Food The Only Option During Busy Days?

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Guest Blogger: Jenna

Times have changed. Life has gotten so fast-paced that people don’t even get time to eat properly. Everyone is so involved in work that they just want to get done with other things quickly, and get back to work. During busy days, people like to go for fast food and other unhealthy meals. Why?

Because they are easy and convenient to grab without requiring much time to prepare. Did you know you’re affecting your health by eating such meals? It is going to haunt you in the long term, and can affect your work. Here are some of the reasons why you should avoid such meals.

1. Saturated fats

Fast-food and other un-healthy meals contain saturated fats. Saturated fats are actually good, but in their natural form. These meals contain unsaturated fats that come from cooking oils. Such fats release harmful toxins in the body. These toxins affect the health in a bad way, and may even lead to a worse condition such as a heart disease.

2. Too many calories

Fast food and un-healthy meals contain too many calories than the body requires. These meals are loaded with fats, which has a 9 calorie per gram. This means your body is getting extra energy than it requires. Extra energy isn’t bad, but too much extra energy gets converted into body fat. You don’t want to increase that belly do you now?

3. Food not properly cooked

Such meals may not be cooked properly. When food is not cooked properly, it causes harm to your body then good. However, fast food restaurants and stalls get away with some sales of improperly cooked food as people are too busy to notice anything.

4. Addictiveness

Eating fast food can make you addicted to them. According to studies, eating such food can self-reinforce a person. The body’s hormonal system start craving regularly for such meals, even when a person is not hungry.

5. No proper nutritional balance

Fast food and unhealthy meals fail to provide any vitamins and minerals that are required for a healthy lifestyle. Without adequate vitamins and minerals, the body will face health problems and complications later on.

Now that you’ve seen the reasons to avoid such meals, you can always go for the good option in healthy meals. Yes, healthy meals can be prepared quickly as well. There are a lot of easy recipes that can be made within no time such as quick meal ideas from BumbleBee. Healthy meal plans will give your body nutritional balance without providing extra calories so you can stay healthy and functional in the long term.

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1 thought on “Is Fast Food The Only Option During Busy Days?”

  1. I was really hoping you would give me an assortment of healthy options (rather than simply rehash what we all have heard so much it has become white noise – that fast food is NOT a good choice). We need multiple, convenient, inexpensive, quick options. Face it…it’s pretty hard to find a healthy dinner that is as filling, cheap, tasty, and fast as a $3.24 McDouble Value Meal (after tax). I need options that keep those factors in mind.

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