How to Show Support to a Sick Loved One

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Guest Blogger: Jenna

Tragedy can strike a family at any time. Whether expected or unexpected, families have a difficult time when a loved one gets admitted to the hospital. The uncertainty creates a lot of stress and can become very toiling on a family. However, even in the midst of all this, they must remain focused on the person that is suffering with the sickness. Finding ways to show support aren’t always easy. But the more a family supports the loved one–and one another–during this difficult time, the easier it may seem.

One of the best things you can do for your loved one is be there for them as much as possible. If you aren’t able to stay at the hospital around the clock, come as often as you can. They need you to help comfort and encourage them during this difficult time. While your loved one will understand that you have responsibilities and things to do, she will greatly appreciate all the effort that you give to making sure you’re there as much as possible.

Sometimes people cannot be there in person. Family members may live too far away to drive to the hospital. Other may not be immediate family members and not want to intrude on hours that those closest have with their loved one. In instances like this, you can send a gift to show your support during this difficult time. Flowers are a wonderful token of sympathy and encouragement. A nice bouquet of flower will brighten up the dreary hospital room. Companies like FTD can provide you with high-quality flowers to send to your loved one.

It doesn’t seem like you can ever do enough for your loved one when they are faced with a sickness that lands them in the hospital. You may feel like you’ve done all that you can do, and yet you still want to do more. If you and your loved one are spiritual, never neglect prayer. For a religious person, prayer can be the thing that strengthens them to keep going. If you know the person is religious, do what you can to encourage them in that during this time.

Showing your support, by whatever means, will greatly help your loved one. There’s nothing sadder than seeing someone alone in a hospital with no one to visit them. What a terrible thing it would be to not have a strong support system during such a difficult season of life. Remember, you are there–as a family–for your loved one. Never let stress or grief overwhelm you to the point that you cannot support them like you need to.

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  1. helen frances romnes

    A good idea is to be nice to nursing staff when you visit and let them know a little about the family member or friend, without revealing too much. Nursing staff will remember then that they like an extra cup of tea or are missing their dog and make relevant chat.

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