How to get Better Eyesight and Maintain or Improve Your Vision

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You only have one set of eyes. So have to take care of them. In this artle, we’ll discuss ways to maintain your eyesight and provide some examples that may even help you improve your eyesight. If you want to know how to get better eyesight, this article is for you.

Your Eyesight is Precious

imageIt’s easy to take your eyesight for granted but it is a sense that you should work diligently to protect. Like most things, your eyesight is something you don’t really notice until its gone—which is something you want to keep from happening for as long as possible. Here are some of the best ways to do that.

Start Early

The earlier you start working to keep your eyes healthy, the more likely you will be to reduce your risk of problems later on. Luckily, the steps you need to be taking in your daily life are, for the most part, the same things you need to do to keep the rest of your body healthy as well. One way to get better eyesight is to  eat a healthy and balanced diet that is low in saturated fats but that contains a good amount of unsaturated fat. Eat lots of fruits and veggies. Get regular exercise to increase blood flow and improve your circulation. Get plenty of sleep. You know, the usual.

Visit the Optometrist (or Ophthalmologist) Regularly

Seeing your eye doctor at least once a year is important. If you wait until something seems off or wonky you decrease your chances of being able to correct or fix the thing that is making your vision weird. For example, macular degeneration, when caught early can be treated and slowed down and, hopefully (if caught early enough) kept from progressing from the early stages to the more advanced stages of the disease. Don’t wait until you are older to start getting your vision checked regularly. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

Protect Your Eyes

This becomes increasingly important as you get older. Your eyes need to be protected from everything, including the sun. There’s no shame in wearing goggles when you are doing work that will result in dust or debris flying near your eyes (which includes cooking if you are short). Wearing sunglasses outdoors keeps the sun from permanently damaging your retinas. If you’ve eschewed sunglasses for most of your life, there’s no time like the present to go out and get a pair.

Quit Smoking

You don’t really need another reason to quit smoking do you? You do? Here’s one: smoking increases your risk of developing cataracts and optic nerve degeneration. It reduces your circulation which decreases blood flow to the vessels in your eyes, reducing your ability to see properly. Plus, it’s gross.

Even if you are older (which puts you at greater risk for lots of different vision-related ailments and diseases) there is no time like the present to start protecting your eyes. Even if you can’t stop the degeneration that is happening, you can take steps to slow it down. Remember: your vision is incredibly important! You need to do everything you can to protect it!

Does Wearing Glasses Make Your Eyesight Worse?

When thinking about how to get better eyesight there are always concerns about what might make your eyesight worse. One common question about eyesight and vision is “Does wearing glasses make your eyesight worse?” or “Does wearing glasses weaken your eyesight?” While it may be surprising, a research study actually proved that the opposite occurs. And in fact not wearing the wrong prescription can actually eyesight worse. The great news is that today you an order glasses online for a fraction of the cost of the retail store. Websites like complete sets of glasses (frames and lenses) for as low as $20. Just go to any vision center and get your prescription (make sure you also get your PD) and hop online to order a pair and keep your eye intact.

Excercises That May Improve Your Eyesight

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  1. I feel like I have treated my eyes fairly well over the years (I have eaten all of my carrots). I have seen an optometrist regularly, and I try to keep my eyes protected. The only thing I struggle with is wearing sunglasses. I honestly never thought that the sun would hurt my eyes that much. However, like you said, there is no time like the present to change.

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