How to Avoid Getting Sick in the Winter

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Getting sick in the winter is the worst! All the cold and dry air just make all the nasal irritation and everything else even worse. Luckily there are some tips and tricks you can use to avoid getting sick in winter. Let jump into them so you never have to ask “how to avoid getting sick in the winter” again!

Get a Flu Shot

Aside from getting a flu shot annually, there are other steps a person can take to safeguard himself against sickness. The following are some helpful tips to help you avoid getting sick during the colder months.

Get Stress Under Control!

People become vulnerable to sickness when they are under stress. If already sick with a serious illness, such as heart disease or other chronic conditions, an individual is even more defenseless against stress, which in turn makes him more susceptible to acquiring an illness.

When a person is stressed, his body demands more oxygen. This makes the heart rate escalate as well as raises blood pressure. Stress impacts portions of the nervous system responsible for the heart, glands, skin and respiratory and digestive systems and can serve as a catalyst for a stroke or heart attack.

Too much tension in a person’s life prompts plaque to rupture in those who have hardening of the arteries. This results in a life-threatening stroke or heart attack, according to David S. Krantz, PhD, Uniformed Services University, Bethesda, Md.

Even those physically healthy are vulnerable to the negative effects of stress, making it easier for them to contract contagious illnesses or catch a nasty cold.

On-going angst weakens the immune system. When tension is unrelenting in a person’s life, the immune system becomes ineffectual and can’t successfully fight off illness.

Learn to control your stress. Get enough sleep, eat properly and maintain a routine. Meditating, doing yoga or just taking a walk relieves tension.

If you know a certain person or situation is going to press your buttons and create angst, avoid that person and that situation. Don’t unnecessarily expose yourself to what you know it going to cause you grief.

Enjoy the Cold Weather

During the cold-weather months, people spend more time cooped up indoors. Germs run rampant in areas where there is no fresh air. When the weather gets cold, the body has to acclimate to this variation in temperature as must the immune system. As the body adapts to this change, the immune system is more vulnerable to viruses and infections.


People exercise less in the winter so the body isn’t as strong. Get outside, breathe some fresh air and walk or run off your stress. Exercise is vitally important when it comes to protecting and strengthening the body and immune system, particularly during the flu season.

Ask your physician if taking a vitamin C supplement is recommended. A variety of benefits supplements are available at the Wellness Store online.

A few more tips that can help you avoid getting sick during flu and cold season:

  • Cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze.
  • Wash your hands regularly with antibacterial soap.
  • Eat a balanced diet.
  • Make sure you get plenty of sleep.
  • Get regular check-ups.

Now you know how to avoid getting sick in winter! If you take care of yourself, you can prevent many fall and winter illnesses. You will spend less time being sick and more time having fun with your friends and family!


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