How Mobile is Helping Nurses Deliver Better Care

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How mobile is helping Nurses Deliver Better Patient CareAs a nurse, long hours are all too common. With sometimes-mandatory overtime and staff shortages, nurses make up some of the hardest working professionals in the world. Being largely responsible for patient education, engagement, and satisfaction, many nurses are left to wonder how they can accomplish all that is expected of them. With mobile health, and applications on their phones and tablets, iTriage helps to ease nurses’ workflow.

“Being on the frontlines of healthcare gives [nurses] the opportunity to see a broader picture of [the] patient populations we serve,” said Kevin Ross, RN. “…We have to triage our patients to determine the level of acute need and we also provide extensive education once the patient is diagnosed.” If this sounds similar to your day-to-day activities, Ross recommends iTriage, a must-have nurse resource he describes as intuitive. “This tool is also valuable to aid in discussions about safe medication administration and side effects to monitor for and report back to [nurse/facility?] healthcare providers.”

imageiTriage is available to Android and iPhone users as a free medical health app that engages healthcare consumers and encourages appropriate healthcare decisions. The online and mobile platform guides consumers through the healthcare process, from checking symptoms to choosing providers. iTriage also provides a hub to store and access personal health information.

Jen Endressen, RN, refers to iTriage at least 5 times a week on the job. “It’s a very handy application, literally at our fingertips for information. It is readily available, easy to access, easy to use and the information is reliable,” said Endressen.

Created by two Denver-based emergency medicine physicians with content approved by Harvard Medical School, iTriage is one of the most downloaded healthcare apps on the market.

iTriage also receives constant positive feedback from healthcare professionals who have used the app at work and at home. Want to learn more about one of the top healthcare apps on the market? You can visit their nursing homepage to hear why other nurses like yourself are so intrigued by this free app.

How iTriage is Helping Nurses

  • Great patient education tool
  • Review patients’ personal medical history and medications the patient is taking
  • Use the app as a quick, on-the-go reference to look up:
  • Conditions
  • Procedures
  • Medications

Kevin Ross, RN, offers a quick demo of iTriage and how its functionality is beneficial for nursing professionals and other healthcare providers.

* Please note, iTriage now offers its free app on iPad.

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3 thoughts on “How Mobile is Helping Nurses Deliver Better Care”

  1. I found your blog in bloggymoms and I am a new follower here. I am a nurse also but right now a SAHM I hope when I get back to my nursing career I would be able to use this kind of technology. Philippines is way too behind when it comes to like this.

    1. Seren,

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting!
      The USA is behind in healthcare tech, IMHO, but we’re seeming to step up.
      You may find that hospitals in the Philippines will start to advance in their use of technologies as many of the standards with electronic medical records are becoming global standards.
      You may not realize it, but they may even be working on it behind the scenes now. Nurses are needed to make the transition from paper to electronic records so don’t be afraid to speak up and ask to be involved.
      I do envy you being able to stay home with your children, I love my job, but it’d be nice to be at home with my family.

      1. I think they are but they still have a lot of issues about it. I have worked in one of the most prestigious hospital in the capital of Philippines but still, way behind. SAD. I love being a mom but I miss my career, my job as a nurse.

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