How Medical Practice Managers Can Optimize Their Workplace

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Medical practice managers have a tough job. This article will outline tools, tips, and tricks to help medical practices run more efficiently and economically.

Nowadays medical offices are some of the busiest places around. With hundreds of patients each day, as well as pharmaceutical representatives, or other people who aid in the business of medicine, it can be extremely overwhelming. But with healthcare, it is essential that there is a high level of organization to help the doctors, nurses, and administrators who work there.

Administrators and Medical Assistants Optimization Tips

Medical office assistants and administrators are the front line in patient care and facility organization. Author Shelly K. Schwartz of share at least 5 ways you can get your medical practice better organized.

  • Prioritize– There will never be enough time to do everything, so you must do a daily to-do list of what is most important.
  • Calendar control– There are certain things that need to be done day-to-day, and others like HIPAA and OSHA training that is yearly. Take control of the scheduling and plan it all out.
  • Mail– Putting together a 3-part filing system of “do now” “do later” and “file” can help you streamline important paperwork.
  • Order online– Purchase office and medical supplies and have it delivered straight to your office.
  • Make an emergency plan– The Medical Group Management Association suggests “all practices have a secure backup system” to duplicate: Personnel, Records, and Financial info.

Project Management Tactics

For the individuals who are working specifically as the project management staffers, finding quality management software can be a valuable asset. PCMag reviewed some software that had free, and paid for options and found:

Ace project:

  • Top pick.
  • Manages tasks, employees, and even expenses.


  • 3 Million active users.
  • Developed by 37 signals.


  • Manages projects, stores files, schedules and holds meetings, facilitates communication.
  • File management is “exceptional” and “online collaboration is finely tuned”.

Online Database Storage

With today’s technology, the ability to find alternative database storage beyond old fashion files and floppy disks is vital. By using these alternatives you can store patient information, tests, financial records, doctor’s notes, and so much more without overcrowding your workspace. Here are some of our favorites:

  1. Google Drive
  2. OneDrive
  3. SugarSync
  4. YouSendIt
  5. DropBox
  6. OpenDrive
  7. Mozy
  8. OnlineStorage
  9. Carbonite
  10. Box

Online database storage is one of the smartest things you can do to keep things organized, simplified, and accessible.

Please Note: The above online storage may work well for many of your needs but may not be secure enough to house PHI and any information that should be protected by privacy laws and HIPAA. You should always check with your security and compliance officers before using any of these solutions in the workplace.

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Helping the Healers

Doctors and nurses are the reason why people come to a medical facility, so it is most important that they are organized to do their best.

  • Make sure charts, computers, and patient information is on hand.
  • Communicate with the physician prior to them stepping into the room so they know what they have to do, and the nurses are aware of their responsibility.
  • Have all utensils, tools, or possible items like swabs that will be needed filled up and easily accessible.
  • Have the patient prepared by discussing any important information, or having them dressed, positioned, or anything else the doctor would need when they come in.
  • Above all, schedule visits for enough time for adequate patient interaction.

The opening quote from an American Academy Family Physician article by Deanna R. Willis, MD, MBA says it all, “The exam rooms aren’t stocked, I can’t find the nurse when I need help, the check-in process takes too long, we’re behind schedule, and there’s too much paperwork to complete”.

By eliminating these problems through proper organization, any medical facility can run at its optimum levels ensuring the best care, and the most profitability and proficiency. The job of a medical practice manager is never done, but it can be made less stressful and more productive by using technology to your advantage.

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  1. You can’t be serious!! Have you ever heard of HIPAA? “By using these alternatives you can store patient information, tests, financial records, doctor’s notes, and so much more…”

    You are doing your readers a serious disservice by advocating something that is a clear HIPAA violation. These cloud-based solutions are not appropriate for sensitive information. Do everyone a favor and check with an attorney who has expertise in HIPAA regulations before giving advice that could get your readers in a hot mess.

    1. Steve ,

      You are absolutely right.
      This is an article from a guest poster.

      I will get with her and we will make sure we include a disclaimer about hipaa.

      Thanks for pointing this out.

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