Healthcare Blogs: What is Appropriate?

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Healthcare Blogs- What is Appropriate?

Do healthcare blogs and bloggers have to adhere to higher standards than the general public? Are there rules that apply to nurse bloggers and nurses with a social medical presence online?

The short answer is yes.

Policies for Healthcare Blogs

Most health care professionals work for healthcare organizations that have policies focusing on social media and general conduct. These policies are put in place to convey clear standards and values of an organization. The usually include language around professionalism in the workplace, online, and in public settings.

Other policies and guidelines to consider include the Mayo Clinical Social Media policy and the American Nurses Association social media policy.

I am honestly not sure what I can and cannot say here.

For a while, I had some pretty emotional rants about a very unpleasant job situation. The more I thought about it, the more I was afraid of what might happen if a coworker or my boss happens to stumble upon these internet ramblings of mine.

What would they do? What would they say? Is there any way something like this could cause me a stumble in the long run?

I have aspirations of being a nurse informaticist. That is not a political career, so to speak, but it is upper management. Would a hospital look down upon an employee for having a blog?

Transparency in Healthcare Blogs as an Informatics Nurse

I have never identified the place where I work. Could it be a benefit if I do? I am actually going to go into a field that promotes technology in healthcare. I am so passionate about technology. I very much wish to inspire other nurses and healthcare personnel to feel the same way.

So many nurses are resistant to change. I would like to show them the golden light of iPads, and wifi, and smartphones, and software. I would like to improve patient care and customer satisfaction through improved communication and data management.

Geez, I am such a huge nerd! I guess though, have has to be people like me in this world. Nerdy ladies who want to improve healthcare.

Who’s with me?

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7 thoughts on “Healthcare Blogs: What is Appropriate?”

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  2. I like the idea of using web technology to educate patients on their conditions and concerns. There is a wealth of information out there on the internet, but many times no good way to decipher the information to apply what’s really individually relevant. I’m creating a blog for Gynecology and Women’s health to address concerns a bit more individually, but still with an educational focus, to maintain patient privacy.
    Look for us soon at For now on twitter/FB @ drsuzyyhall

  3. I’ll gladly join you in that “golden light!” One of my docs uses an iPad–by the time he shakes my hand at the end of the visit my prescriptions have already been beamed to the pharmacy. Gone are the days of the secretary waiting on hold to call them in, or them sitting on some fax machine for hours, or me having to trudge to Rite Aid with them when I already have a migraine the size of Mount Everest–now they’re ready by the time I get there. It’s just so much more efficient…

    I love being able to have so much information at my fingertips–pathophys, drug guides, care plans, diagrams, oh my. And not only is the information side of it limitless, but you wouldn’t believe how great a distraction Talking Tom is when you need to do g-tube care for a little peanut with an inflammed site…

  4. Me I'm with you! Since diabetes moved in 14 years ago (and refuses to pay rent and I can not evict it) I have dealt with an overwhelming amount of miscommunication. The use of technology would curve some of that.

    Good luck!

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