Crowdfunding $1500 for #GoogleGlass

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imageAs you may already know, Google had a recent campaign to select the initial purchases of Google Glass. Interested parties could tweet or compose a Google + message indicating what they would do #IfIHadGlass. If they were selected as a “winner” they would have the opportunity to purchase Google Glass at $1,500, and agree to pick them up in New York, Sacramento, or Los Angeles a year before the public.

While many may feel  like “winning” a prize you have to pay for is really a joke to begin with, Google made the terms of the contest clear and those who made entries were agreeing to these terms when they completed their entry. And to be honest, there are people with disposable income who crave new technology and this might have made sense to them. There are also bloggers and technology enthusiasts who can work with sponsors to get the funds to make the purchase.

Although I can understand the attraction of simply asking for funding from others it just strikes me as inappropriate.

Here are some examples of individuals seeking crowd funding for their Google Glass purchase.

Google Glass Crowdfunding Campaigns

  1. $3,500: Get Becca Glass! by Rebecca Elliott
  2. $3,000: Google Glass Pilgrimage by Andy Broyles
  3. $3,000: Glass to Remember by Trudy Schuett
  4. $3,000: Google Glass Explorer Documentary by Kir Jarchow
  5. $2,500: New Orleans through Google Glass by George Williams
  6. $2,500: Obi’s Google Glass Fund by Obi Onyeador
  7. $2,250: Please help me fund Google Glass! by Al Navas

via Quora  What do you think of this phenomena?

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  1. It’s an interesting idea. I’d say it’s not working out too well for many of them though, as a quick look through shows that most people haven’t raised any money yet.

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