Connecting the Care Team: The Importance of the Right CC&C Solution

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Nurses overwhelmingly dominate the usage of patient-care technology users in healthcare. It makes if you think about it — nurses are the principle caregivers, and central to the care coordination of hospital departments.

Whether you are a nurse leader, or aspire to be one, you are faced with many questions and considerations when determining the right mobile strategy for your organization. In addition to costs, it is important to understand issues related to access, security, and how integrations improve workflow. Like all major technology investments — a CC&C requires research, planning and measurability. Estimating your project’s potential ROI can be complicated, simply because there are many contributing factors in the equation.

So, what is a CC&C solution anyway? It stands for “Clinical Communication and Collaboration” — and it can have a significant impact on the performance and success of your organization. That’s why it is so important that nurses and nurse leaders are involved throughout the selection, implementation and continuous engagement of a CC&C solution.

CC&C is all about connecting the right HCP with a patient’s care team (eliminating “page-and-pray”), while integrating calls, alarms, alerts, orders and lab results. That’s what the right platform can do, so it’s easy to see the potential benefits. Think “bottom line” stuff here: you need a seamless, instant and accurate messaging system can improve outcomes across the board. Imagine reducing overhead cost while increasing revenue opportunities… all while giving valuable time back to your staff!

The hard part comes in when you try to assess the critical “top line” stuff — like evaluating various delivery systems and developing a measurable “ROI” for your project… Items like that take detailed analysis to uncover. Qualifying and quantifying the implementation of an innovative and effective CC&C platform can be a tall order — especially when considering how many comparable technologies and device options are currently available in the marketplace.

To address these concerns, American Nurse Today, together with our partner Telmediq, have developed an education and training experience that breaks everything down and provides answers to the questions that many nurse leaders have. Join us for a live presentation to provide a first-hand expertise by Karen Moore, a renowned clinical informaticist and registered nurse. She will guide learners through best practices and strategies for improving unified communications throughout the healthcare continuum, and provide real-world insights to revolutionize your patient-care technology!

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