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Blogging and Social Media provides nurses and other healthcare professionals with a bigger voice in the world. The Blogging & Social Media category will focus on topics that help nurses become more empowered through blogging.

Arizona Nurse Amanda Trujillo’s State Board of Nursing Hearing Delayed for a Psychiatric Evaluation

  Unfortunately, Amanda Trujillo cannot get back to doing what she loves yet. She just wants to take care of patients. The Arizona State Board of Nursing has delayed her case for 2 months in order to get a  full psychiatric evaluation. When I heard this, I totally thought: “For the Doctor, right?” But alas, it is unfortunately for Ms. Trujillo, who has no doubts about her competence and abilities to pass the exam with flying colors. I don’t doubt her abilities either. I know we’re …

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Organize Your Life With NeatReceipts Portable Scanner and Digital Filing System: Review

NeatReceipts is a mobile scanner and digital filing system to help you tame that paper monster in your life.

NeatReceipts and the NeatDesk are smart scanning solution that does more than just scan your documents. NeatReceipts transforms your digital documents into and organized and easily manageable file system. If you’re covered in mounds of paper that you just can’t bare to part with The Neat Company may just be your digital savior.

Act Like a Pro: Owning Your Expertise Confidently

Be confident in your area of expertise. You are an authority, so own it.
Forrest Gump said “Now, it used to be I ran to get where I was going. I never it thought it would take me anywhere.” Blogging is to The Nerdy Nurse like Forest Gump it to Running.
I am an expert in using social media to promote innovation in healthcare and technology because I live and breathe it everyday. I am an expert on lateral violence and the methods to be used to combat it because I experience it first hand, have spent countless hours researching the phenomena, and know the legal implications a company can face if they allow it to happen. I am an expert because my passion in the areas of nursing and technology has forced me to constantly strive to promote innovations to help nurses and medical professionals work smarter not harder.

Vicky Rogers (Vinessa Shaw) in PUNCTURE. Courtesy of Millennium Entertainment

Puncture: Feature Film Showcases Risk of Needlestick Injuries for Nurses

PUNCTURE features Chris Evans, who portrays Micheal Weiss, a drug-addict Erin Brockovich or sorts, in a dramatic and captivating manner that is both shocking and inspiring. Despite his flaws, the mistakes he had made, and those he continued to make in his personal life, he is an underdog who stands up for what was right until the very end.

10 Tips for Nursing Blog Success

10 Tips for Nursing Blog Success

Nursing blog success doesn’t have to be an elusive dream. You can make an impact on nursing and the world if you implement strategies to ensure that your message is clear and far-reaching. I’ve spent years building a personal and professional brand and want to share some key strategies that will bring your success with your nursing blog.

VigLink: Blogging & Affiliate Marketing the Non-Sleazy Way

I want to take a few minutes to talk to you about affiliate marketing and introduce to you a company called Viglink. I want to share this with you because I think it will be helpful to you, your readers, and you deserve to be compensated for your work and words. This is the easiest and least intrusive way I have ever had the pleasure to monetize my blog with.

Clinical Informatics Specialist: New Job and Tips To Become a Nerdy Nurse

I’m a Star Trek Nurse with the professional title of Clinical Informatics Specialist.That’s what my husband calls nursing informatics: “Star Trek Nursing.” I’m going to work with the EMR software that hospitals use in order to provide and document care on patients. I will be working to build the user interfaces, change and customize it as needed, and implement any upgrades and changes.

10 Reasons Why My Coworkers Don’t Read My Nursing Blog

When I first started blogging I did so anonymously. Even after I came out of the nursing blog closest I was fearful to tell my coworkers about my blog. There is a lot of risk involved when you write about your work especially if someone already wants to put a bullseye on you. With so many healthcare providers on the fence about social media and the risks of liabilities associated with having an online presence, I wanted to take a some times to highlight some of the …

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What Being a Nurse Blogger Has Meant to Me

When I was experiencing bullying at work, and I felt totally alone, I discovered that there were others who had faced a similar fate as me. I was not alone. There were other people in the “Blogosphere” who understood the feelings I was having and gave me advice, whether they knew they did or not, on how to face it. Now I have the oppertunity to do the same for others. Because I stood on my little soapbox, and started talking, there are others who find …

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