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Nursing School is tough. Passing the NCLEX is pivotable and the last hoop nursing students must jump through before becoming a nurse. The Nursing School & NCLEX category focuses on topics the provide nursing students with resources to perform better in school and pass that NCLEX to secure that coveted nursing license.

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Interested In Nursing? Now What?

There are several ways to start out on your journey depending upon your academic and financial standing right now. If you’re not sure if you’re ready to jump right into a traditional 4-year Registered Nurse (RN) program you can get an Associates Degree in Nursing (ARN) at a Community College, which takes about 2 years, or start out as a Licensed Practical Nurse (or Licensed Vocational Nurse in California and Texas). LPN programs can run as short as 12 months and make a great place to get your feet wet and possibly work while you go back to school to get a higher degree. To be honest, with the high interest rates of student loans and tough admission standards, starting out by getting your LPN or ARN is a good way to see whether or not you truly want to be a nurse, make a little money while you’re going to school, or even get your job to help subsidize your tuition for further education.

The Effect of an Aging Nurse Workforce on the Nursing Shortage [Infographic]

While many new grad nurses are struggling to find their first job, it seems that the nursing population as a whole is aging. Although, the folks at the US Bureau of Labor Statistics need only do a quick google search or browse slightly on linked in to find gobs of young nurses sink their teeth into their first nursing gig. Twitter is filled with many new grads eager to nurse as well. So managers, there are grads, they want to work,and they’d love to hear from you! Use social media for it’s benefits, because based upon this infographic, there are areas that do have shortages of nurses, or will have them soon.

18 Patient Identifiers HIPAA Defines as Off Limits

18 Patient Identifiers HIPAA Defines as Off Limits

Hospitals and healthcare providers every start shaking in their boots when they think of social media and healthcare. They freak out about the possibility of a HIPAA violation. But the fear that is struck in many of their hearts is really unneeded. There are 18 patient identifiers that are off limits when it comes to blogging and things of the like.

Advances in Technology Improve Nursing: SIMCARE Training

Technology improves the practices of medicine, and nursing. It will continue to advance year after year. In order to prepare students to handle such changes, nursing education needs to evolve accordingly. Embracing these new technologies enables us to become nursing professionals who are prepared to provide the best possible patient care.

New Grads: Prep for Show Time!

New Grads: Prep for Show Time!

New grads are entering the field during the perfect storm of a bad economy, job shortage, and nurse retirees who are back to work because their retirement portfolios are no longer robust enough to support their retirement. So, the problem becomes how to stand out in the sea of applicants?

Let’s face it. Some managers will just toss any new grad’s resume right in the trash, no matter how concise, how detailed, or how well-thought out. Well, if they’re that biased, you didn’t want to work for them anyway, trust me. So don’t worry about the no-callbacks (easy to say, hard to do, I know). DO worry when they call you back, and you’re up for an interview. That’s when the pucker factor can really kick in, because now you can no longer hide behind a piece of paper…it’s show time!

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This is Why Social Media In Healthcare is Important & Dangerous At the Same Time

Social media is sort of like a confused teenager at this point. Are you going to create a teenage angel or teenage monster?

Just like any juvenile, there are potentials from success and failures. There are potentials for attention seeking behaviors in either the positive or negative light. Depending on the feedback they get, will often determine the type of behavior they express.

Our healthcare social media teenager has the potential to go in one of many directions right now.

There is such huge potential that exist. There is such a great power and vigor that could be molded and manipulated. You see, there’s something amazing and wonderful hidden. It’s waiting to be guided and lead in the right direction to make a positive impact on the world. You can see a slight glimmer of greatness. A glint of hope and excitement.

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Nurse Entrepreneur Spotlight: Avoid Medical Errors, Pat Iyer, MSN, RN, Lncc

On Avoid Medical Errors you can find a wealth of material related to staying healthy and becoming an educated consumer of healthcare. Her time spent working on medical malpractice cases can help you become informed of your rights an standards as a patient. She has a variety of patient education materials available to help you avoid the risk that can be associated with receiving medical care.

If you are a nurse and are reading this, lets not forget, we are all patients.

Avoid Medical Errors has much information that is available on the blog free of charge. There are also inner circle modules that are specific educational materials. You can sign up as a member and dive into well researched and vetted materials. There are new materials added to these modules every month and include exclusive interviews with medical professionals, inside tips, and special reports to help you better navigate the medical world.

Arizona Nurse Amanda Trujillo’s State Board of Nursing Hearing Delayed for a Psychiatric Evaluation

  Unfortunately, Amanda Trujillo cannot get back to doing what she loves yet. She just wants to take care of patients. The Arizona State Board of Nursing has delayed her case for 2 months in order to get a  full psychiatric evaluation. When I heard this, I totally thought: “For the Doctor, right?” But alas, it is unfortunately for Ms. Trujillo, who has no doubts about her competence and abilities to pass the exam with flying colors. I don’t doubt her abilities either. I know we’re …

Arizona Nurse Amanda Trujillo’s State Board of Nursing Hearing Delayed for a Psychiatric Evaluation Read More »

Arizona Nurse Has License Threatened By Doctor After Providing Patient Education

The following blog post is an email that was originally sent to @EchoHeronAuthor. It was then posted on Vernon Dutton’s Posterous, Amanda Trujillo case will go before the Arizona State Board of Nursing on January 24th, 2012.

Her story is one of an archaic medical model in which the doctor’s word is supreme and we are all just nurse maids here to do their bidding. This is an indication that there are many who do not wish to continue to advance toward collaborative healthcare in which we work as a team to provide patients with the best care possible. This is also an example of persons who may not be in medicine for the right reasons.

How To Save Money in Nursing School

How To Save Money In Nursing School

This post has 1 purpose – to help you save money in nursing school! There are many expenses associated with attending nursing school. Some of these include textbooks, uniforms, clinical supplies, meal, testing and licensing fees, transportation costs, and general living expenses. If you combine this with the fact that often a nursing school schedule leaves little time to work and earn income, your budget can become quite stretched during your years of nursing education.

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