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They Made Me Put My Socks On With a Stick

They made me put my socks on with a stick

I find it interesting how the most grumpy, disgruntled people react to kind gestures. It’s been my experience that usually someone with an attitude has a pretty good reason for it. There are the occasional crapheads who are just crappy for no reason, but usually there is some sort root cause for most meaness I experience in my nursing practice.

Nursing School Politics and Social Media: Another Example of Nurses Being Bullies

There has been a lot of talk recently among the nursing blogs about a very unfortunate scenario involving an eager nursing student and social media. Those Emergency Blues Wrote about How to Get Yourself Arbitrarily kicked out of Nursing School. And Not Nurse Ratched talked about How A Nursing Student can be Expelled for a …

Nursing School Politics and Social Media: Another Example of Nurses Being Bullies Read More »

Autonomy in Nursing: How to Have it Stolen From You

Nursing is the first job I have ever had where a “boss” was not constantly breathing down my neck. I get to plan my day and do things as I see fit. I have the ability to use clinical judgment skills to decide to give and hold medications. I have the right, ability, and duty to question inaccuracies in care. I also have the right to be able to practice as a nurse without being placed under a microscope by others.

—Yes, another post about bullying, mobbing, horizontal violence, lateral violence,how nurses eat their young, or whatever term you want to phrase when a nurse is constantly targeted.

Are Nurses Professionals

Professionalism is not about the letters behind your name, it is about the respect you have for your role in what you do. I also think that every LPN would disagree as well. According to, as of 2008, 45.4% of Registered Nurses are Associate Degree prepared nurses. 20.4% have a diploma level degree, while only 34.2% are BSN prepared.

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