Nursing Informatics: It’s About the Bigger Picture

Becoming a nurse informaticist would allow me to be passionate about the things I love: technology and healthcare. I would be able to make a real difference in an organization by inspiring those around me to get excited about innovation and improvements. I just may be able to convince a few more nurses and doctors to look at the bigger picture when technology is involved. Don’t think about the here and now and the minor frustrations you are inconvenienced by, but think about the long term benefits that you and your patients will experience.

How to Land Your First Nursing Job

You’ve done it! You’ve graduated nursing school, passed your NCLEX and you’re ready and eager to start your first job as a real nurse. You want to be an excellent nurse, and you keep hearing about how nurses are so in demand. There is a massive nursing shortage, right? So why is that you still can’t seem to land your first gig as a nurse? If nurses are so in demand, then why is this so difficult? Many reasons compile, but mostly liability and cost. New …

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A Patient’s Family During a Code

It’s not uncommon to hear nurses making jokes or talking about completely unrelated topics during a code. It’s a coping mechanism. It’s not that they do not respect the patient or the crisis, but if we actually stopped to think about the fact that a life is in our hands, then we would not be nearly as efficient at our roles.

When a Headache Won’t Quit

I woke up with the worst headache I have ever experienced. I don’t get them very often. I can think of maybe 10 times in entire life when I’ve had one. Five of them in the last couple of years. I guess it’s a true sign of hold old a fart I am becoming.

5 Summer Cold Remedies For Kids

Summer colds are a total bummer; and so is not having a good remedy for it.Being a nerdy nurse and all, I am often asked to pass along valuable information. Sometimes it’s information that is just not very valuable. Other times the information has value, but I can’t bring myself to write anything about it worth reading. And honestly the 2 keep coming back here have me over a barrel, and I want to entertain you if at all possible… or at least avoid boring you …

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Nurses Eat Their Young : Resources for Lateral Violence

  The phenomena that is often laughed off in the nursing profession when nurses refer to it as how “Nurses Eat Their Young” is known by many other terms. These include: Bullying, Horizontal Violence, Lateral Violence, Hostile Work Environment, Harassment, Nurse to Nurse Violence,  Horizontal Hostility, and likely many more that I have not directly stated. When you are victim experiencing lateral violence it is very easy to attempt to write the treatment you are receiving off a necessary due you must pay in order to …

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How Many People Are Involved in Patient Care?

Today when my preceptor was showing me a report for infection control, it made me realize just how many people are involved in the care of every patient that walks through the doors of a hospital. We know that as nurses on the that we can’t take care of our patients all by ourselves. We need the help of doctors, aids, other nurses, and other departments. What I don’t think most nurses think about is just how much goes on behind the scenes to make sure that the patient care a reality.

The Power of Cardizem and Being a Nurse

Modern medicine really amazes me. When telemetry calls me and tells me my patient is in SVT, and I just stepped out of the room, my initial reaction is “Are you sure it’s not artifact?”. Which is a natural response, even though I know she wouldnt waste her breath and energy on calling me if she wasn’t pretty darn sure there was a reason to. When I walk back in the room to assess the patient, she is fine, well, at least, she appears fine, asymptomatic …

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Patient Modesty: Yes, It is Very Important

Let’s chat about something that lots of nurses think, but few say out loud: patient modesty. Is it really important? Is medical nudity something nurses should be comfortable with, in every circumstance? Honestly, it’s complicated. But it needs to be discussed. The Importance of Medical Patient Modesty First, what is modesty? According to the dictionary, it is “behavior, manner, or appearance intended to avoid impropriety or indecency.” Ok, so what is propriety? It is socially acceptable behavior. When someone is in the hospital, do social norms disappear? …

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