Anti-Cancer Virus: Destroys Cancer, Creates Zombies

A new man-made virus has been created that is actually killing cancer. This lab created virus apparently makes a bee-line straight for the cancer-cells in your body and destroys them. Interestingly enough, this was not the original intention of the virus. The hope was that the virus would seek out the cancer cells and act as a transport system to get cancer killing medication to the targeted cells.

Providing Healthcare in Kenya Through Chamberlain College of Nursing’s Service Project

Providing Healthcare in Kenya Through Chamberlain College of Nursing’s Service Project

Last May, I took a trip abroad to Nairobi, Kenya, with fellow classmates for one of Chamberlain College of Nursing’s international nursing service projects. The two-week trip is designed to immerse nursing students in an impoverished community outside of the U.S. to provide healthcare to people in need. As a Bachelor of Science in Nursing student at Chamberlain’s St. Louis campus, the project also fulfills my multiculturalism and community health course requirements.

Hospital Policy: Transparency, Clarity, and Accessibility

I’ve always been perplexed by the concept hospital policy. I mean, I get their purpose and understand the reasoning for them. They are needed, because unfortunately, many people require things to be spelled out and written in stone, in order for them to abide by rules of common-sence and decency. I even support having them readily available to all staff, with a quick easy way for any member of a healthcare organization to have access. Unfortunately, however, concepts like policy management often elude many healthcare organizations. …

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Aboard the Nursing Spaceship: Server Room Geekery

my husband tells people I’m a Star Trek Nurse. Up until today I merely laughed at this description. Clearly he has no idea what a clinical informatics specialist does. Right?

Clinical Informatics Specialist: Week 1, Project Managent

Clinical Informatics (working behind the scenes with documentation and software) is such a fantastic combination of my learned skills, natural attributes, and passions. Heck, I even called myself a Nerdy Nurse for a full year before I even was one… well I was nerdy, and a nurse, but the two paths didn’t merge as often as I would have liked… but I digress.

10 Things I will Miss from Bedside Care Nursing: Reflections as I move to an Administrative Role

My colleagues have been quite upset with the fact that I don’t plan on working PRN in bedside care. Some of them feel I wasting my nursing degree to move away from bedside care and into informatics. I will miss many things about bedside care nursing, but I know that I will be able to much better serve patients in my new role as a Clinical Informatics Specialist.

Nerdy Scrubs: Where Technology and Uniforms Merge

High Technology scrubs are great for nerdy doctors and nurses who understand the importance of infection control in their offices, hospitals, nursing homes and clinics. They understand that these medical uniforms will protect them, their loved ones and their patients as well as save their hospital money from costly infections and lawsuits.

HUD Good Neighbor Next Door Program: Firefighters, Teachers, Police Officers and EMTS Listen up!

If you are a police officer, firefighter, EMT, or teacher then U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has a fantastic opportunity to help you own your very own home. The Good Neighbor Next Door (GNND) program offers a fantastic incentives to get members of these professions in certain neighborhoods to promote a greater sense of community pride and security and the service workers reap great benefits as well.

From Starbucks to Nurse to Doctor

the doc was up front and honest when he said he was just not a good nurse. “I was a nurse for a few year and I was so bad at it. I was just not very nurturing. Being a nurse is harder for men. It’s difficult to overcome some parts of our nature. So I decided I had to do something else.”

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