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7 Tips to Be a Successful Clinical Informatics Nurse

Again the names of clinical informatics nurses vary. You may be called an informatics nurse, an analyst, a nurse informaticist, information technology nurse support, or any number of titles. Your role in nursing is going to be altered, but still very impactful to the patients in the community you serve.

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6 Reasons Why Nurses Should Use Social Media

Social media offers many benefits to it’s users. Nurses in particular have the ability to gain many skills that can improve their nursing practice by using social media. While many in healthcare fear social media for various reasons, there is greater good that can come of it for healthcare as a whole.

From White to Blue: Nursing Uniforms Evolve

I know that many do not share my opinion in this, but I often long for those white uniforms. Though admittedly I became a nurse long after they went out of favor. So I would imagine that if it were something forced upon me as a way to oppress me my fondness would likely drastically decline. As much as I can appreciate having the freedom to choose scrubs in a variety of styles colors, deep down inside I admire the association of wearing white with the nursing profession. But it’s not the oppression or rigidity of nursing days gone by that I romanticized. It’s the image of strong, stoic women with integrity that just leaps off the page of the images of nursing days gone by.

My Experience with Lumbar Puncture Side Effects

The intention was to return to work on Tuesday following my appointment on Monday. I was supposed to go in and get a release, but instead I got admitted to the hospital.. again… So that makes for 3 admissions for this particular ailment. Then again, I guess a brain tumor isn’t just a routine illness.

Considering the fact that I had been sleeping 16 hours a day, all day, staying up all night, having absolutely no energy, and drinking nearly my weight in water every day, it probably was the most appropriate choice. Needless to say, I was a bit upset about it at the time. I really just want to get my life back in order,and frequent hospital admissions aren’t exactly the routine in my life.

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Give Yourself a Pat on the Back: Celebrating Nurses Weeks 2012

Nurses week is celebrated every year from May 6th until May 12th, which is also Florence Nightingale’s birthday. This static celebration has been in place since 1993 in order to facilitate better planning. This weeks serves as an opportunity to take special notice of the contributions that nurses make to the community. For a brief history on nurses week you can visit the American Nurses Association.

Exergen TemporalScanner Thermometer Review and Giveaway

Recently I received an Exergen TemporalScanner Thermometer to review and was pleasently surprised with just how simple and efficient it is. It’s so easy to use that even my toddler had it mastered in a matter of seconds and was going around the house attempting to get the temperature of everyone in sight.

In my opinion temporal artery scanning is the most efficient and therefore the best way to take the temperature of your child. In my experiences both as a nurse and a patient, temporal artery scanning caused the least discomfort and inconvenience for both the healthcare provider and the patient as well as providing and accurate temperature.

The Case of the Vanishing Brain Tumor

It would seem that if you are performing surgery specifically to remove a brain tumor, and when you get inside there is no brain tumor, you’d stop, right?

You wouldn’t dig around for your own satisfaction. You already knew it wasn’t cancerous, so you don’t need to look for anything else.

He extra time in my head lead to the CSF leak which made for the most miserable 7 days of my life.

I had to have a lumbar drain inserted to relieve the pressure of the CSF. If I wanted to lift my head off the bed at all I had to call a nurse to clamp the drain or else my brain my squeeze through the holes in my skull. (And that lovely gem came straight from the mouth of one of my nurses to another nurse… that really comforted me. Let me tell ya)

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Post Hospital Musings from The Nerdy Nurse

So now that I have had the surgery and I am sitting at home, tumor free I have a wealth of emotion of commentary I need to filter through. I’ll be honest with the fact that I’m really quite annoyed to have had a brain tumor and had to deal with it. I think most people would be. But I’m also annoyed with other things and I am not sure if I have yet had the time to take into consideration all relevant information to make a decision about how I feel about many of the scenarios brought about by my pituitary macroadenoma and the surgery to remove it.

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Your Head Just Ain’t Right: Coming to Terms with My Tumor

I obtained the MRI results and read for myself what the radiologist thought my my brain mass. Apparently I have a pituitary macroadenoma and has suffered a headache related to something called pituitary apoplexy.

The neurologist referred me to both an endocrinologist and an neurosurgeon. The result was the recommendation to undergo Endoscopic Transsphenoidal Surgery to remove the tumor through my nose.

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