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The Breastfeeding Vs Formula Debate: Fed is Best When Breast Equals Death

This article will examine the breastfeeding vs formula debate and share why fed is best. The breastfeeding vs formula debate isn’t a new one. The debate of the quality and value of infant formula have been around since it’s invention by chemist Justus von Liebig in 1865. However, the majority of the population of new mothers have been well educated on the benefits of breastfeeding. When a child is born the parents make a decision on how to feed their child: formula, breast milk, or some combination of …

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Can Clinical Integration Help Physicians Cash In on What They Were Sold

Can Clinical Integration Help Physicians Cash in on What They Were Sold?

“Clinical integration” are just buzz words that most physicians aren’t concerned with early in their careers. Many future doctors go to medical school with bright starry eyes and a version of their careers that they will likely never see come to fruition. Their goal is usually simple: to help people. But many find themselves helping paperwork, insurance companies, and computers rather than helping actual patients. However, a likely solution to some of the problems that many physicians face is clinical integration. Is Clinical Integration the Answer? Dr. Marc …

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Are you Nervous about Making a Major Life Change?

A recent survey, conducted by Identigene, shows that nearly half of adults in the United States plan to make a major life change in 2014. These changes range from buying a new house, having a new baby, paternity testing, getting married, or contemplating a divorce. Understandably enough, 90% of individuals who are planning a major life change state they are nervous about it.

10 Terrific Tech Toys

It’s not just adults who love technology. Kids are getting into all things nerdy at earlier and earlier ages! While some parents feel that this might impede their imagination or inhibit their social skills, I am personally a huge advocate of children using technology often and early.

If you have a little boy or girl who’s eyes twinkle at the mention of iPads and robots, then we’ve got a an excellent tech toy gift guide just for you!

senior friendly gadgets and technology

Six Senior Friendly Gadgets That Help Them Stay Connected And Healthy

Today’s seniors are unlike many of past generations. These days, older Americans expect things their counterparts in previous generations wouldn’t have considered.

For example, most want to stay in their own homes as they age. They want to take care of themselves. And many want to avoid being the stereotypical befuddled senior citizen who doesn’t understand technology.

vision chart

Macular Degeneration: What You Need to Know

Macular degeneration is a condition characterized by the loss of vision and other serious symptoms. Often resulting in total vision loss and other complications, there are two types of this illness: dry macular degeneration and wet macular degeneration. While dry macular degeneration progresses slowly and is often associated with age, wet degeneration, though less common, is typically more severe in nature, as it usually appears abruptly and progresses at a rapid pace.

Postpartum Tips For New Dads Everyone Needs To Know

1. It takes women a full month to recover after birth.

Sometimes called the “tenth month of pregnancy,” the first month after birth is often both painful and exhausting for the new mother. Her organs are slowly shifting back into place as her body works overtime to produce milk.

Many other cultures provide support for new mothers during this key time — the French, for example, send at-home nurses to help new mothers care for babies, while Indian, Chinese, and Mexican customs all require mothers to rest for the first month after birth while others take care of basic home care.

Top 10 Turkey Tech

Top 10 Turkey Tech

Here at The Nerdy Nurse are geeks ourselves and we love gadgets whether they are in our pockets or our kitchen. Because we know that you no doubt love kitchen gadgets (and feasting on a delicious holiday meal) as much as us we’ve taken to time to compile a list of turkey tech and food prep gadgets that will surely elevate your holiday gathering to epic classification. Because turkey tech isn’t for the casual holiday dinner. It’s reserved for those passionate about turkey, dressing, and all things fun about holiday meals.

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