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  1. none of your business

    Take over Nerdy Nurse~ Its all yours. Since most of you nurses THINK you know more than I do after 20 years and in almost every field of Nursing.

  2. none of your business

    I quit nursing after 20 years of slavery in New York. Saved and healed many lives with a count of 6 deaths and many births to my record in those 20 years. I have been devalued, disrespected and treated as a Human Trafficked Prostitute for being an excellent Registered Professional Nurse. They were not worthy of me, they were never worthy of me and my last hitch as one was revamping the United State’s Emergency Protocals on planes as a ‘little nurse’ for free. I required after the bullshit monsters for people put me through.

    1. I really hate to hear things like this about nursing. I know it exists, but it just breaks my heart that a professions with the basis of caring can have members who act so cruel.

    2. sad :'(
      I know what it’s like to feel bullied, but I can’t imagine having done it for 20 years. Well, on behalf of all the unnamed people who hurt you, I am so very sorry for your pain. I hope most of it was not intentional.
      Bless Your Heart for all the people you have helped.
      Kind Regards,
      -R.Nixon, RN
      (Nurse Becca)

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