Car Insurance Discounts for Nurses

Car Insurance Discounts for Nurses

Finding affordable car insurance can seem like an almost impossible task. These days it is easier to shop around and compare rates to make sure you get the best deal possible on your auto insurance policy premiums. The good news is that for those who work in the nursing industry, your ability to get even lower rates may have just gotten easier.

Are You Breaking These Social Media Etiquette Rules?

Social media has opened up new opportunities to share information readily and easily online. If you are wanting to share information about yourself, your passions, your hobbies, and any other topic you merely have to glide your fingers across the keyboard of your laptop of tap the screen of your smart phone. It’s easier than ever to share your likes, dislikes, and anything else you darn-well-please anytime you like with almost anyone you want.

However, before you go sharing anything and everything online you should think about a few key points:

social media teenage monster

This is Why Social Media In Healthcare is Important & Dangerous At the Same Time

Social media is sort of like a confused teenager at this point. Are you going to create a teenage angel or teenage monster?

Just like any juvenile, there are potentials from success and failures. There are potentials for attention seeking behaviors in either the positive or negative light. Depending on the feedback they get, will often determine the type of behavior they express.

Our healthcare social media teenager has the potential to go in one of many directions right now.

There is such huge potential that exist. There is such a great power and vigor that could be molded and manipulated. You see, there’s something amazing and wonderful hidden. It’s waiting to be guided and lead in the right direction to make a positive impact on the world. You can see a slight glimmer of greatness. A glint of hope and excitement.

The Very Real Dangers of For-Profit Healthcare

My nursing career started in a private for-profit corporate hospital. As nurses on the floor, we were governed by decisions and rules made by distant administrators in the their fairy tale corporate castles. They had little to no interests in our community. They didn’t live there. They didn’t know they unique challenges and cultures that impacted the care we provided and needed the ability to provide. Decisions almost always felt like they were made from the benefit of the company as a whole rather than the patients and the communities that the hospitals serve. The administrative process always felt detached to me with middle management, and even CEO’s often throwing their hands in the air and always having “corporate” as the answer to all the tough questions.

Hospital Policy: Transparency, Clarity, and Accessibility

I’ve always been perplexed by the concept hospital policy. I mean, I get their purpose and understand the reasoning for them. They are needed, because unfortunately, many people require things to be spelled out and written in stone, in order for them to abide by rules of common-sence and decency. I even support having them readily available to all staff, with a quick easy way for any member of a healthcare organization to have access. Unfortunately, however, concepts like policy management often elude many healthcare organizations. …

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Aboard the Nursing Spaceship: Server Room Geekery

my husband tells people I’m a Star Trek Nurse. Up until today I merely laughed at this description. Clearly he has no idea what a clinical informatics specialist does. Right? Review

I wrote recently about how my hospital’s administration has decided to go the route of uniforms. Of course, there are obvious pros and cons to this decision, but they made it, with little involvement from the nurses. What was bothersome about this change to me was the fact that they didn’t really involve the nurses. They made a major decision that effects our daily lives and addressed our opinions as an after thought. We are mandated to a specific color, brand, location to purchase, and have to embroider their … Review Read More »

Shocking Truth – Nurses Depend Too Much On Charting

A very real conversation – when nurses chart their medical care, are they depending too much on charting and not enough on connecting with the people they care for? Nurses Chart Too Much & Don’t Think For Themselves Teresa Brown, R.N. wrote an article, featured in the New York Times, recently Caring for the Chart of the Patient, in which she discusses the very real challenge we face as nurses to document our care. She speaks about the mandates, and standards that we are forced to document on in …

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