Arizona Nurse Amanda Trujillo’s State Board of Nursing Hearing Delayed for a Psychiatric Evaluation

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Unfortunately, Amanda Trujillo cannot get back to doing what she loves yet.

She just wants to take care of patients.

The Arizona State Board of Nursing has delayed her case for 2 months in order to get a  full psychiatric evaluation.

When I heard this, I totally thought:

“For the Doctor, right?”

But alas, it is unfortunately for Ms. Trujillo, who has no doubts about her competence and abilities to pass the exam with flying colors. I don’t doubt her abilities either.

I know we’re not supposed to use the c-word, when it comes to psychiatric disorders, but this entire incident is straight up CRAZY. There is a need for some psych evals, in my humble opinion, but they don’t need to be directed at her.

I’m empowered by her battled and hope that our emails to the Arizona State Board of Nursing do not go unheard. (if you haven’t already informed them that you are following this case, I suggest you do so: [email protected]

Two MORE Months? Seriously?

2 more months, they are making her wait. It just seems like cruel and unusual punishment.

How do they expect her to feed her family while she waits two more months for her hearing?

If I am not mistaken this puts this lengthy ordeal to 12 months A full year of torment and waiting game because an angry doc threw a hissy fit.

I can only hope that my loved ones have a nurse that advocates for patient’s rights and provides education for all their option in the way Amanda has in this case. As, Beth Boynton (nurse leader and author) stated in a comment on the previous post, and letter to the Arizona BON:

“Although I cannot pretend to know all details from online news and nurse colleague’s sharing, it seems to me that Nurse Trujillo was doing everything within her power and scope to help this patient make an informed decision. THIS IS nursing at it’s best.”

Trust Fund For Legal Fees

It was mentioned in the comments on the previous post about Ms.Trujillo that we should could set up a trust fund for legal fees for Ms. Amanda Trujillo, MSN, RN, DNSc-NP(s), but I honestly have no idea how to go about doing that. If anyone would like to help facilitate that, I am sure it would be much appreciated.

Show Your Support

You can reach out and show your support for this case for Amanda Trujillo on Twitter: @NurseInterupted. 

Again, contacting the Arizona State Board of Nursing to let them know you are following her case will also he helpful. [email protected]

View the Original blog post with full details on this story:

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20 thoughts on “Arizona Nurse Amanda Trujillo’s State Board of Nursing Hearing Delayed for a Psychiatric Evaluation”

  1. sorry to be a nurse in az

    the problem with psychological evaluation. Is you have to go the the DR THEY choose!! and dont think that person is NOT biased.
    the board hand picks these soul sellers.

  2. Don’t you know ALL LATINOS ARE CRAZY. You have to be a sneaky, icy Anglo to be sane. So much for all the “cultural sensitivity” baloney they teach.

  3. sweetevilredhead

    You know, I want to support Amanda, but I am 54 years old and have been targeted at my job (I guess for being older AND the fact that I do NOT agree with their disregard for professional and experienced nurses). All they need to do is report me to the AZ BON, and what little I’ve managed to save in my 401 K will be gone within 6 months for lawyer bils, and then I’ll be too old to be re-employed by anyone. I agree, but when you are an older nurse, fear becomes rampant. Now, I SHOULD be respected for my long experience, but I sm dissed and have been on trumped up disciplinary actions almost always for the last 3 years. No, I have not violated any policies, but they just keep coming up with more and more nonsense. Fear is a real presence in my life. ALL employers, across the U.S. know tht they now have the whip hand, because of the economy. They tell us “Look, there’s 15 people waiting outside for YOUR job, so either do it, or you’ll be fired, and reported”. Trust me.. If there is no existing paper trail, they will create one that looks authentic (which has been DONE to me). How csn I disprove this so called pre-existing paper trail? My signature? Well, they have it on record, and do NOT hesitate to put it on other documents. Lawyers? Boloney! They have just said “Well, there it is.. you signed this ‘action plan’ and just how do YOU intend to prove that it isn’t?” What is one to do? Poor Amanda is in for an uphill DIRTY, NASTY battle! I suppport her, but cannot afford to come out in public for her, lest the BON targets ME next. There it is folks, real and truthful. You cannot fight your employers, because you will be punished, PERIOD! And after 33 years, the reality of MY situation is I’m going to be screwed because admin does not like me, they have basically made that VERY clear, asnd I dare not put a foot wrong. Welcome to the world of older nurses, folks! Wisdom? Worthless. Ability? Worthless. Experience? Worthless. THEIR word? Now THAT’s what’s “priceless”.

  4. I have to say, being a nurse and just since yesterday I am feeling on edge because I advocated for my patient, and then spent 6 hours of my shift going back and forth with risk management over the issue, I can see where Ms. Trujillo may welcome a psych eval. At this point I want one for myself. Situations like hers and mine make me wonder who is out of their minds when nurses are mandated to advocate and then the hospital that employs them, hang them out to dry. With my situation I had nurse collegues telling me “to let the issue go, the doctor always wins.” I am beginning to believe that. Best of luck to Amanda

    1. Gerri,

      I have found in nursing that many do not advocate for their patients in all fronts. They pick their battles because in many cases the “doctor wins.”

      It is very unfortunate that we should fear o livelihood so that we can do the right thing for our patients. This is why Amanda’s case is so important discuss. We should be able to advocate for the best interest of the patients we serve without fearing for or license.

  5. All nurses should stand behind and support Amanda. I know nurses that are looking to get out of nursing for reasons like this. They are in constant fear for their license. And the board is going to do what makes them look best in the eyes of the public. The board does not support the nurses.

  6. I would love to hear the physician’s and hospital’s side of the story. However, from what I see here, this is a great example of heathcare run amuck! No wonder the costs of healthcare are so high- people don’t even realize they have a choice. I believe many people would make different decisions if they realized what the treatment of their disease entailed and what other options are out there. Shame on the Arizona Board of Nursing for not standing up for Amanda, the nursing profession and the right of the patient to understand their disease and options of treatment.

    1. Is there any way to hear the patient and family side of this? I would love their take on what transpired during the shift. I think we know the MD and hospital side based upon the lawsuit.

  7. I am the community manager for Fundrazr and I will help you with ALL of my power to win this. Email me and we will set up the campaign for legal fees. Wiki leaks uses us for their campaign. We’ve helped them raise two million or so. I think we can definately drum up some money for this honorable nurse. She WILL nurse again. – Camara Cassin [email protected]

  8. Thank you Needy Nurse for educating us RNs whose profession is on the legal chopping block. Arizona’s state board of nursing ruling will affect nurses nationwide; I surely hope their decision is right.

  9. Thanks so much for keeping the focus on Amanda’s case, Brittney, and for calling in and lending your voice last night! We will have pages up on and by tomorrow, where we can start petitions and raising funds for her legal fees and living expenses. We’re trying to reach out to Patients’ Rights Advocacy Groups as well because Patients’ Rights to Know and Self-Determination are at risk. Thanks for all you do! Together, let’s keep the pressure up!

    1. I spoke with Amanda last night. I believe there will be a trust set up for her tomorrow that we can make sure the funds get to.

      Do we have a hashtag we are using?
      #NurseUp or something else?

  10. Thanks so much for these posts. Glad we’re using our “power” in the blogosphere to impact change not only for Amanda, but for other nurses who need our support, our voices.

    We’re moving forward with a fund. This is long overdue. Details to follow…

      1. I believe if it did go national if big media picked it up, it would end fast. Opposing sides will always try to wear down a morally good person psychologically. They have lawyers, too, and have trained psychologists who know how to do it. With all due respect to good lawyers, lawyers are in business to make money, and that’s it. I have never seen a case like this end soon, nor with a positive outcome on either side.

        As soon as all of the Petitions, Financial systems, etc. are in place to help Amanda, and all nursing/patient advocates are alerted and aprised of the situation so they can act accordinly – I believe going forward to the media is in Amanda’s best interest.

        It will be hard for her I know, but she’s already in the situation, and as has already been said – all other nurses, as well as patients, will be affected by it’s eventual outcome.

        I am a #patient and a #nurse advocate, and I am in full support of Amanda.

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