A Very Successful 5 Year Old: The Apple iPhone [Infographic]

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While most would be thrilled if their 5-year-old could read, Apple’s little contribution to the world has blown nearly all expectations out of the water. What else at age 5 had made such a significant impact to technology and the way we communicate?

There is no denying that the iPhone has certainly made an impact on the world. In just 5 years the iPhone has helped smartphones transition from the quirky gadgets of nerds to a near necessity of modern society.

This seems a bit mind-blowing, but sales of the iPhone, it’s related apps and services, and iPhone accessories produce more revenue than the entirety of seemingly huge companies like Microsoft and Disney. Apple is almost always leading the pack for most valuable company in the world.

This awesome infographic gives a glimpse at the massive success of the Apple iPhone.


infographic via mashable and Statista

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Do you own an iPhone or another smartphone? What type of cellphone technology are you rocking? If you own a smartphone, how has it changed your life?

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