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How To Save Money in Nursing School

How To Save Money In Nursing School

This post has 1 purpose – to help you save money in nursing school! There are many expenses associated with attending nursing school. Some of these include textbooks, uniforms, clinical supplies, meal, testing and licensing fees, transportation costs, and general living expenses. If you combine this with the fact that often a nursing school schedule leaves little time to work and earn income, your budget can become quite stretched during your years of nursing education.

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9 Best Community Colleges For Nursing

9 Best Community Colleges For Nursing

If you’re interested in pursuing a rewarding career in nursing, you’ll enter a nursing school program. Check out this list of the best community colleges for nursing to find the program that’s the best fit for you. Nursing is one of the few careers that offer the opportunity every day to change the lives of patients. However, because it’s such a demanding field, becoming an RN requires several years of school, followed by passing the NCLEX-RN exam. Because the schooling takes so long, many nursing students opt to get their Associate’s Degree in Nursing (ADN) as a strategic first step

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