9 Nerdy Gift Ideas and Novelties

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Nerdy Gift Ideas

These nerdy gift ideas and novelties will get a chuckle from even the coolest guys and gals.

There are some pretty awesome things about being a nerd, and a few not-so-awesome things. The wedgies and bathroom confrontations in middle school are certainly not the high point of any nerds life. But later in life, when we’re our former bullies boss it can put the awkward teenage years into perspective. Because nerds are often ahead of their time. In high school, nerds are obsessing over their hobbies, writing code, reading, and doing other things that will often make them wealthy adults.

Fortunately, that disposable income in adulthood can come with some perks. One of my personal favorites is all the nerdy novelties that once can acquire. Some of our favorites are listed below.

9 Nerdy Gift Ideas and Novelties


Mr.Bacon Bendable Action Figure

No longer shall we have to pretend our bacon has arms and legs snag up this little guy. Now you’ll finally be allowed to play with your food.

mr bacon


Uranium Ore

Just make sure after you build your time machine that you wear a bullet-proof vest so the terrorists think your dead after gunning you down.

Uranium Ore


Thumb Drive

Don’t be alarmed. This isn’t a real thumb. But it is a pretty nerdy, and maybe even a little on the weird side, novelty that any nerd would be glad to call their own. It is only 4gb, and in a day an age where you can get  128 GB USB Drive for around $40, $7.50 for this thing does seem a little steep.

thumb drive


Boyfriend Pillow

This pillow will remain by your side always and won’t complain when you want to watch romantic films starting Matthew McConaughey. You can even imagine it is Matthew McConaughey, you know if you’re into that sort of thing.


boyfriend pillow


Roswell Soil Sample

When the aliens come to remove all evidence of their crash landing, they will most certainly have to come by your place if you own some of this soil from the crash.

roswell soil


Prank Pack Extreme Chores

Just use this box to pack up any one of the other items on this list for a double whammy!

prank box


ThinkGeek Beach Boy Towel

Because we know you’re not going to go into the water when you’re at the beach, you might as well lounge and play your video games in nerdy style. We know you’re going to want to avoid touching the sand as much as possible, so you’ll want this awesome Game Boy style beach towel so you can play on your device and pretend you are inside in the comfort of AC.


gameboy towl


TaskOne G3 Pro – Multi-Tool Utility Case

With this case you can literally say that your phone can do everything. Although, we do have to warn you. We’re pretty sure that this thing is not making it past airport security. So if you’re a nerd that travels you should probably consider leaving this at home and going for an airport approved alternative.

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utility phone case


TRANSFORMERS Convoy Ball Point Pen

Not only does this transform into a pen it can also transform you boring work day something more fun.


transformer pen

Do you have any recommendations for nerdy gift ideas? Well… besides pocket protectors. I have enough of those.

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  1. Loving the Thumb Drive!

    Here’s another thumb drive that is pretty cool (well a pic of one at least)  http://www.pendriveoriginalshop.com/364-large_default/photo-camera-canon-eos-reflex-flash-drive-usb-memory-stick-pd281.jpg

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