14 Totally Awesome Office Toys and Desk Crap

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When I moved from my job as a floor nurse to informatics one of the most exciting things was getting my own office. Among the many perks of cubicle life is getting to have office toys, desk crap, and other entertaining ways to personalize you space. Anyone who comes to my office will not only be able to collaborate with me to help facilitate better processes and standards in nursing documentation but also be thoroughly entertained by my fun desk paraphernalia.


Desktop Madness Series Hand Cell Phone Holder


While I am at work is one of the few times my my cellphone isn’t constantly in my hands. Hey, when I’m at work, I work. So to keep my dear old iPhone from getting lonely and missing the warm cradle of human hands, this hand cell phone stand would fit right in.

Kitchen Sink Paper Clip Holder


For some reason a sink that has a stream of paperclips just tickles my nerdy little fancy. I have a couple office mates who would probably get big kicks out of pulling paperclips out of my kitchen sink. If you are going to have everything but a kitchen sink, you might as well get a kitchen sink to complete whatever weird collection you’ve got going on.

Desk Daisy – Magnetic Paper Clip Holder



Now this one is just sweet. I do kind of find it annoying that it uses specialized paperclips, but it does add to it’s charm. If you’re looking for that little pop of color to brighten up your office space, then look no further.

Desktop Madness Series Paper Clip Magnet Stand



Office accessories like this are great for stress relief. Need to take out some aggression? Just throw some paperclips that this guy. Problem solved.

Desktop Madness Series Hand Pen Holder



Sometimes you just need a hand. And some of us just want a hand hanging out on our desk. And yes I am one of those people.

The Butt Station Desk Accessory Holder



This I one of the most functional pieces of desk crap possible. Not only do you have a pen holder, paper clip holder, and tape dispense all in one, the dude is sitting on the toilet.Winning!

Dead Fred Pen Holder


If anyone asks about this here pen holder all you have to say is “he had it coming.” They might not come back to visit your office but the laugh will be worth it.

Scotch Shoe Dispenser with Magic Tape


I don’t wear heals so I gotta find ways to incorporate them into my life some how.

Swarovski Crystal Light Rose AB Black Shoe Tape Dispenser


If the plane Jane heal just does do it for you then there is always the blinged out version. A tad more pricey but much more shiny!

Glam Rocks Stapler


And you can’t have just one blinged out piece of desk crap! You totally have to get a companion for your crystalized shoe!

Post-it Pop-up Notes Heart Dispenser


Simple, sweet, and pink! A heart-shaped post-it dispenser certainly warms my nerdy little heart.

Post-it Notes, Pop-up Apple Dispenser


This is the raddest possible post it note holder for a teacher. If you had nothing else on your desk but this apple post-it notes dispenser, you’d be the coolest teacher on the block.

Post-it Notes, Pop-up Purse Dispenser


If you don’t think this purse post it holder is just too cute you must be a dude… and if you’re a dude, that’s cool, but you have to admit this could really set off an office. No more boring bland holder-less post its!

Miniature File Cabinet for Business Cards


Everyone needs a mini file cabinet, or two, right? While I don’t have a ton of business cards, and I do my very best to put all the contact information into outlook as soon as I get them, I just can’t seem to actually throw those cards away afterwards. I figure if someone thought enough of me to give me a business card well then I should think enough of them to hang on to it.


So what are your favorite office accessories? Do you spice up your personal workspace with anything exciting and conversation worthy?

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