11 Costumes and Unique Cases for Your iPhone

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If you’re looking to dress up your iPhone for Halloween (or perhaps just change things up a bit), the following cases are for you!

Halloween Designs iPhone Case “Scared Pumpkin”


This “Scared Pumpkin” iPhone case will provide some protection and Halloween fun for your iPhone 4 or 4s in a clear hard case.

Frankenstein Glow in the Dark Soft Case for iPhone


Dress up your iPhone 4/4s in a Frankenstein Soft Case. As an added bonus it glows in the dark!

Mummy Grow in Dark Case for iPhone


Any mommy (or daddy… or well.. anyone) would be glad to have this mummy iPhone case that glows in the dark for their iPhone 4/4s.

Candy Corn iPhone Case


You’re iPhone 4/4s will be looking delicious with this candy corn case.

Pumpkin Silicone Case for iPhone

This pumpkin case for your iPhone 4 and 4s comes in a variety of colors.


Orange Pumpkin Silicone iPhone Case


Purple  Pumpkin Silicone iPhone Case


Black Pumpkin Silicone iPhone Case

Halloween Graveyard Silhouette iPhone 5 Case


If you’re rocking an iPhone 5 and looking for something with just a touch of creepiness,this graveyard silhouette iPhone 5 case will fit the bill.

Perhaps you want to dress your iPhone up a bit, but don’t want it to scream Halloween. A cute character or animal case might be might you are looking for.

Black Penguin Silicone Soft Case Cover for Iphone


And since penguins are always in the black and whites, it make bring some classy to the join.

Pig Cartoon Animal Silicone Case Cover for iPhone


Or you could just go completely unconventional and wrap your iPhone in a pig skin… but not really skin… like plastic… but it looks like a big. So. Yea…

Disney Stitch Movable Ear Flip Hard Case Cover for Iphone


If you’re a Disney child at heart, perhaps you’d like to carry stich around in your pocket.

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