10 Terrific Tech Toys

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It’s not just adults who love technology. Kids are getting into all things nerdy at earlier and earlier ages! While some parents feel that this might impede their imagination or inhibit their social skills, I  am personally a huge advocate of children using technology often and early. 

If you have a little boy or girl who’s eyes twinkle at the mention of iPads and robots, then we’ve got a an excellent tech toy gift guide just for you!



LeapFrog LeapReader – We already mentioned this once before in the 12 Days of Nerdy Christmas post but it’s just the type of toy for kids we love fun and educational. Leapreader



Nintendo 2DS – It cost less then the 3DS but that doesn’t mean the fun factor is any less. This is a great one for the kids this season. And mom and dad can breath a little easier because the price point is much more manageable! nintendo2ds



Furby Boom – This is cute, cuddly and techie. It has a companion app that allows this to interact with your devices tons of fun.

Even though personally we’re still a little creeped out by this electronic version of something akin to Gremlins, we still know the kids all over this item this year!

furby boom



Logitech PowerShell for iOS7 – If you don’t want to spring for a new console just improve the one they already have the iPod or iPhone with this controller.

You’ll save cash and your kids will still be thrilled with their awesome new gaming upgrade!

Logitech powershell



Zoomer – Get this robot for the child that wants a pet for Christmas but isn’t quite ready for the duty. robot dog



Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids Edition – Get this Kid friendly tablet so you don’t have to share yours. Tis the season for giving not for sharing your tablet. samsung galaxy tab



Moga Pro Power – If your child has an Android device and want to surprise your young gamer with a major upgrade this gadget is for you! moga controller



Playskool Big Hugs Elmo – This toy appears to be all about the true meaning of Christmas, spreading the love with lots of hugs! hugs elmo



Skylanders Swap Force – This is the real life version of Poke’mon catch (buy) all the Skylanders and bring them into your game to battle!

Every kid is begging for this item this year and if the commercials are any indication, they really flip out when they get them.

skylanders swap



Razor Electric Scooter – I want this for Christmas myself, come on Santa I’ve been good all year mostly. But seriously what kid… or adult for that matter wouldn’t want a toy like this?

razor scooter

What tech toy is your child asking for this year? Sound off in the comments below to let us all know!

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