12 Days of Nerdy Christmas: Amazon Edition


Nerds are funny people. Most of us genuinely appreciate any kind gesture that is bestowed upon us, especially a Christmas gift. However, since you’re nerds, we definitely know our tech so if you plan on buying something digital for a special geek in your life, you need to make sure you getting quality nerd gear. You wouldn’t want us to awkwardly accept a gift that we’d never buy for ourselves, now would you?
Didn’t think so.

But really, it can be difficult to buy Christmas gifts for anyone. The hard part of gifting family and friends is finding that unique item that you think will be a big hit. We’ve taken the time to round up some of awesome find on Amazon to help ease that problem and give you plenty of ideas to find that special someone a special gift (whether they are a nerd of not!).

Cyclops Gear CGLife 2: A Temporary Substitute for Google Glass


Google Glass excited all nerds every, even if only a little. If you had $1500 bucks and free weekend to blow you could be the proud beta-tester. But for the rest of their world there are some things that you might consider all alternative, naemly Cyclops Gear CgLife 2. It’s not a replacement but it should help quell the need for hi-tech eye wear, or at least the video function. Sporting up to 1080p HD video with audio recording and UV400 polarized lenses these glasses should easily capture all your daily adventures with ease.

Google Chromecast Review: Small Price – Big Value


Admittedly, I am not as gushing as many of the Apple fan girls and boys, but I totally dig my iPhone, iPad, and even my Apple TV. But these are just a few examples of how much we full on Nerdgasm over all things Apple. So when a product is released that throws a beat down on one our Apple products we figured we owe it to you to let you know. For this very reason, and well, because it’s awesome and CHEAP, we wanted to provide you with a Google Chromecast review take some time to tell you why Chromecast may be a better option than Apple TV.

Raising The Salary for Nurses Across the Board

Recently I posted about the pros and cons working as a salaried nurse verses hourly. Kevin Ross, of Innovative Nurse, has responded in a youtube video but has shifted the focus of the discussion to the wages of nurses in general. So let’s continue the conversation.

Kevin is a nurse consultant and was surprised after a discussion with another nurse hen he learned what the average pay for nurses is currently. And let me be completely honest when I say that I think nurses are reimburses well, compared to many other jobs I’ve done, but there is always room for improvement.

iOS 6 Maps Show Multiple Dimensions [Parody]

iOS 6 iphone 5 maps

Some people have complained that the maps in iOS 6 are inaccurate. If you’re are using your iPhone integrated maps feature, you might be finding yourself lost. Have no fear. “Apple” has decided to set the record straight in this parody video.

It’s not that the maps in iOS 6 are inaccurate, they just show dimensions we don’t have access to.

Unforgettable Family Fun at Rocky Branch Railroad and Old West Ghost Town


Recently we made a trip to the Rocky Branch Railroad and Ghost Town.

We had family come to town and didn’t want to be the old bumps on the logs we normally are. Since my husband and I had been talking about taking Ty to a nearby old west ghost, we figured this would be a great time. It was also a great thing to take Pappy and our niece and nephew to.

The price of admission was very reasonable compared to many of the other attractions we attended during the week (including Zoo Atlanta, The Georgia Aquarium, The World of Coke, and The Fernbank Museum). For $10 you got a hay ride, a trip on the train, alligator exhibit, an 1880’s Variety Show, a gun slinging show and even robbed at gunpoint by train robbers (oh my!).

Intel Ultrabook: Social Experiments in Temptation


The following video is a pretty interesting social experiment performed by intel to see just how far people would go to get their hands on a new ultrabook.

I can’t say I’d have the cojones to walk up and break the glass and grab it for myself. Because, that’s, well… stealing. And this nerd don’t play that game. I am interested in knowing what the translation was on the glass. Because if it said “Break this glass for a free ultrabook,” I’d probably be climbing over people to do it.

Need to Consult a Trauma Surgeon? There’s an App for That!


Technology continually improves healthcare and our daily lives.

The video below is a fantastic example of technology saving lives by providing improved access to trauma surgeons in areas that don’t have them on staff. Trauma surgeon Rafael Grossmann MD(@ZGJR) reached out to me on twitter and shared with me the video. In it, he discusses iPod Teletrauma: the $229 130 million sq. ft. Trauma Room.

The Murses: Male Nurses Show How it’s Done

Over on Impacted Nurse, the Murses are running amok. They’re busy saving liver… er… elbows and such and giving their pre-Hollywood interviews. Haven’t heard of the The Murses yet? Well they are male nurses who are stepping up to the plate and forging a path to potential YouTube success. This EPIC style short film is […]