2014 Nurses Week Giveaway

2014 Nurses Week Giveaway

If you are a nurse then hopefully the hospital or healthcare organization you work for has decided to honor you and all the hard work you do. But we here at The Nerdy Nurse think you deserve a little more this year. I’m sure Florence Nightingale would be impressed with how far we’ve come, but we all know how far we have to go. In some ways nurses are honored everyday, but in many ways we are not. I’m a nurse and I appreciate what other nurse’s do so I reached out to my nursing friends and put together this giveaway.

My Husband Took My Last Name


Whenever I’m asked a unique trait or some sort of trivia about myself I seem to always forget one of the the most interesting conversation starters I have: My Husband Took My Last Name. It’s funny because when I tell people this I get one of many varied responses. The type of response usually depends on the amount of time that person has known me, but they are all interesting and worthy of remembering.

4 Reasons Hospitals Have Scrubs Policies

Every time you go to the hospital, you’ve probably noticed that while not everyone is wearing the same pattern, they’re all wearing scrubs. Sometimes, even the non-health care related employees wear them. So why is it that hospitals have policies on what employee’s wear?

From White to Blue: Nursing Uniforms Evolve

blue nursing scrubs

I know that many do not share my opinion in this, but I often long for those white uniforms. Though admittedly I became a nurse long after they went out of favor. So I would imagine that if it were something forced upon me as a way to oppress me my fondness would likely drastically decline. As much as I can appreciate having the freedom to choose scrubs in a variety of styles colors, deep down inside I admire the association of wearing white with the nursing profession. But it’s not the oppression or rigidity of nursing days gone by that I romanticized. It’s the image of strong, stoic women with integrity that just leaps off the page of the images of nursing days gone by.

Best Shoes for Nurses: Timberland PRO Renova Professional Footwear Review

Timberland PRO® Renova™ Professional Slip-On

If there is one thing every nurse needs it’s a good pair of shoes. Finding the best shoes for nurses should be the goal of any nurse who spends 12 hours shifts on his/her feet. But it’s not just about a comfortable pair of nursing shoes, but also a stylish and functional pair that could trick your feet into thinking they haven’t been working long 12 hour shifts. You know, super-awesome nursing shoes that don’t really look like nurses shoes, and that your feet practically thank you for wearing. The kind of nursing shoes that make you say “This has got to be the best nursing shoe on the planet!” and make the perfect complement to any nursing uniform or scrubs.

Nerdy Scrubs: Where Technology and Uniforms Merge


High Technology scrubs are great for nerdy doctors and nurses who understand the importance of infection control in their offices, hospitals, nursing homes and clinics. They understand that these medical uniforms will protect them, their loved ones and their patients as well as save their hospital money from costly infections and lawsuits.

Quick Glance at the Changing Trends in Nursing Scrub

little girl nurse halloween white costume

By: Nitin Ajwani (Guest Blogger) Today many health specialists, especially nurses, are featured with a solitary workwear throughout the medical wards in the hospitals and various clinics. In the beginning of 80’s, the nurse’s scrubs were almost always simple whiten dress. Previously, a nurses dress code may have been the standard apparel of white top, […]

Nurses Week Giveaway! Free Scrubs and iTunes!


National Nurses Week is kicked off each year on May 6th, Nurse’s Day, and wraps up on May 12th, which also coincides with Florence Nightingale’s birthday. So even though it is a bit belated, I wanted to do something to give back to the nursing community. A great big thank you goes out to http://www.nursinguniforms.net/ […]