Social Media in Healthcare [Infographic]


The healthcare industry is slowly starting to realize the value of social media.

If we want to increase compliance and improve access to care, social media and technology are the way to go. The ability to educate consumers through such a cost-effective and highly visible media that is web 2.0.

The following infographic gives a glimpse at how hospitals are using social media. It displays areas of strength as well as areas with opportunity.

The Iowa Nurses Association Needs a Lesson in Social Media Etiquette

bad social media

The executive director of the Iowa Nurses Association made a comment on the American Nurses Association’s facebook page in response to other comments made on a wall post by Terri Polick questioning the censorship of the ANA. This representative of the Iowa chapter of the ANA essentially called Vernon Dutton (a nurse advocate and social media enthusiast) an ass and questions his credibility and motives.