9 Designer ID Badge Reels for Nurses that Rock

9 Designer ID Badge Reels for Nurses that Rock

More and more hospitals are making the transition to standard uniforms. This means every nurse on the floor will be wearing the same color and have little ability to show personality in their uniform. While sometime nurses show their nursing flair in their nursing shoes, there is a lot more opportunity to express your personal style with a Designer Badge Reel like the ones made by BadgeBlooms.

15 Fun Nurse Christmas Ornaments

15 Fun Nurse Christmas Ornaments

What better way to adorn a Christmas tree than to cover it with nurse? Nurse Christmas ornaments are a great way to show professional pride in your nursing career during the holiday season. There are so many available and range from the cute and cartoony to the delicate and beautiful. Every nurse show own at least one ornament that celebrates his or her chosen profession.

2014 Nurses Week Giveaway

2014 Nurses Week Giveaway

If you are a nurse then hopefully the hospital or healthcare organization you work for has decided to honor you and all the hard work you do. But we here at The Nerdy Nurse think you deserve a little more this year. I’m sure Florence Nightingale would be impressed with how far we’ve come, but we all know how far we have to go. In some ways nurses are honored everyday, but in many ways we are not. I’m a nurse and I appreciate what other nurse’s do so I reached out to my nursing friends and put together this giveaway.

Scrubs Magazine Launches Code Happy Pop-Up Shop


Scrubs Magazine, founder of scrubsmag.com one of the largest online nurse communities, launches its very first online pop-up shop for nurses, Codehappystore.com, on September 13.

The Fall RX: 25 Fabulous Finds for Nurses pop-up shop, which is open for just two weeks, features lifestyle items including accessories, cozy wool blankets and relaxing spa products all selected with the busy and stressed nurse in mind.

Stay Positive, Take Care, and Make the Big Bucks [Scrubs Magazine Round Up]


Nursing is hard work and can sometimes be very draining both mentally and physically. It can be easy to just get into a rut and be a negative Nancy, but for the sake of your coworkers and your sanity it’s best if you do your best to stay positive. But you’ve also got to take care of yourself physically. This means using all those body mechanics you were taught in school and likely routinely receive in-services on. Oh, and if you can stay in good mental and physical health you can also find ways to start earning more cash doing what you love. Keep reading for some great articles on these topics from our friends at Scrubs Magazine.

4 Reasons Hospitals Have Scrubs Policies

Every time you go to the hospital, you’ve probably noticed that while not everyone is wearing the same pattern, they’re all wearing scrubs. Sometimes, even the non-health care related employees wear them. So why is it that hospitals have policies on what employee’s wear?

Top 10 Nursing Shoes For Women

Top 10 Nursing Shoes for Women

Finding the right pair of nursing shoes for women or men can make a big difference in the a nurse’s life. It’s not just about whether your feet hurt. Rather it’s about promoting quality posture and spinal alignment as well as preventing long term leg and foot pain.

10 Best Stethoscopes for Nurses

10 Best Stethoscopes for Nurses

Are you looking for the best stethoscope for nurses? You likely already know that nurses use many important pieces of equipment on a daily basis. Whether you’re trying to obtain a blood pressure, or listening to the chest of a little one with a cough, your stethoscope is a vital piece of nursing gear.

From White to Blue: Nursing Uniforms Evolve

blue nursing scrubs

I know that many do not share my opinion in this, but I often long for those white uniforms. Though admittedly I became a nurse long after they went out of favor. So I would imagine that if it were something forced upon me as a way to oppress me my fondness would likely drastically decline. As much as I can appreciate having the freedom to choose scrubs in a variety of styles colors, deep down inside I admire the association of wearing white with the nursing profession. But it’s not the oppression or rigidity of nursing days gone by that I romanticized. It’s the image of strong, stoic women with integrity that just leaps off the page of the images of nursing days gone by.