Ways to Make Sure Your Family’s Files are Secure


These days families have digital files saved in a multitude of places: phones, portable music players, desktops, tablets, USB media storage devices that hang from key chains, and, of course, the cloud. Not all file creation or storage habits are safe. E-criminals are always looking for weakly protected files to steal and destroy. If you want your family to be safe, whether using files at home or on the go, consider implementing these strategies below.

Musubo: Retro for iPhone 5 Review


Musubo: Retro for iPhone 5 is a case with an imaginative design. The case is not only functional, but also interesting and unique. It’s unique grip-factor makes it one of the easiest cases to hold onto. It also comes packaged with a collapsible stand so you can enjoy multimedia goodness with ease.

x-doria Shield: Multiple Layers of iPhone 5 Protection (review)


There is no shortage of iPhone 5 cases to meet your protection requirements. However, some definitely do the job better than others. The x-doria Shield is a notch above other iPhone 5 cases due to it’s multiple layers of protection, integrated screen protection, protective port design, and the diversity of color options.

Ready Case: The MacGyver of iPhone Cases


If you’ve ever found yourself stranded on a desert island without nothing but your iPhone, you’d probably think “Well this is not helpful at all.” But what if you’re iPhone case came fully equipped with a multi-tool, additional lenses, a kickstand USB thumb drive, and a built in headphone clip.

The Q Card Case for iPhone 4S/4 by CM4: iPhone Credit Card Case Review

iphone credit card money case

The Q Card Case for iPhone 4S/4 is the type of case I’ve been wanting for a while. I hate carrying my bulky wallet around, because most of the time I don’t need all of the things that are in it. In reality, unless I’m going to the doctor or specific retailer requiring a loyalty card, I only ever need my ID, debit card, and a few dollars worth of cash.

A case like this for my iPhone lets me de-bulk my load for routine outings.