Demand Soaring for Family Doctors and Nurse Practitioners Under Obamacare


The family doctor is going to be the most sought after and most intensely recruited medical professional under the Affordable Care Act. Also, current trends in medical economics are dictating that more health care services are being moved into less costly outpatient centers, according to a national physician recruiting company.

Also, a recent survey by the physician staffing company Merritt Hawkins shows that family physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants also are in high demand.

Ethical Challenges Of A Health & Medical Advice Website

People increasingly turn to the internet for all their information needs, even medical ones. A number of respected medical sites provide information to users who seek answers about their physical symptoms or treatments for their illnesses daily. These sites are a great resource for those seeking medical information via the net, but there is a fine line between practicing cyber medicine and simply being an online resource. That cloudy distinction is why these sites need to establish medical website ethics.

4 Benefits to Working Locum Tenens

According to a national survey conducted by Wakefield Research, almost one in four physicians are currently working or have worked as a locum tenens provider, taking advantage of the various benefits the practice alternative provides. What’s more, the findings indicate three out of four physicians are considering taking a locum tenens assignment in the future. Sponsored by CHG Healthcare Services, the study polled 1,000 providers from around the country.

The Value of Nursing: Expanding the Role of Nurses


Sally Okun, who is vice president of patient advocacy, policy and patient safety for PatientsLikeMe, was the very first nurse to speak at TEDMED. She used this opportunity at the 2013 event to focus on how nurses could, and should, play a bigger role in healthcare.

Your Nurse Is Not Your Financial Adviser


A nurse may not be your financial adviser, but nurses may be able help you make sound financial decisions that can save you hundreds, even thousands, on medical bills. Nurses play an important role in our health. Anyone who’s been admitted to a hospital knows that they are the frontliners–always there to address patient needs. But did you know that their role goes beyond changing IV fluids and taking vitals?

Have You Considered Caribbean Medical Schools?


Those who want to study medicine will see the highest price for their degree with the average American medical school’s tuition coming in at nearly two hundred thousand dollars for all four years, not including fees or room and board. Medical schools in the Caribbean are typically much cheaper with some of them being under one hundred thousand dollars, which is one of the biggest reasons many medical students decide to study abroad. They’re also much more accepting of applicants, meaning that someone who was previously declined acceptance into an American medical school might still be able to get their degree in the Caribbean.

Optimizing Your Medical Facility


Nowadays medical offices are some of the busiest places around. With hundreds of patients each day, as well as pharmaceutical representatives, or other people who aid in the business of medicine, it can be extremely overwhelming. But with healthcare it is essential that there is a high level of organization to help the doctors, nurses, and administrators who work there.

5 Tips to Ensure Your Health While You Travel

5 tips to ensure your health while you travel

Dengue, Typhoid, Malaria…oh my! What to do to prepare for your dream vacation without going over the top, but ensuring your health during your travels? No one wants to be sick on their vacation. You work your tail off all season to be able to travel and relax during your time off. A little bit of preparation and research can go a long way to ensure your safety and health on your trip. So first things first, where are you planning on venturing off too?

Streamlining Your Meds

medication storage management pill box

If you or someone you love has to deal with renewable prescriptions, you know how frustrating this seemingly simple procedure can be. You’ll find that the drugs simply aren’t available, or the doctor has not called the prescription in, or something else has happened where you cannot get the medicine that you require in a timely fashion. When you are sick and tired of waiting for your prescription, make sure that you consider these steps:

How Patients Learn in a Digital Age [Infographic]


While most surveys focus on how physicians interact with patients using technology, the simple truth of the matter is that physicians often see patients the least compared to other members of the healthcare team. Healthcare extenders are non-MD healthcare professionals who work directly with patients. The primary focus would likely be on providers like nurse practitioners.