Nurse of the Year [Video] [Parody]

Nursing is very rewarding to most of us, but it’s good fun to laugh at a few nursing related jokes that are on the cynical side.

Besides, who there isn’t near enough nurse humor on the internet and there certainly aren’t enough funny nurse videos.

iPhone 5: It’s the Longest iPhone Yet [Parody]


There’s no denying that the iPhone 5 is the “tallest” thing to happen to iPhone since iPhone, but biggest? eh… I’d argue that the first iPhone was thicker and gaudier, and therefor “bigger”. But semantics aside, Apple did extend the screen of the iPhone, making it noticeably larger.

But Apple’s promotional videos lend themselves to parody quite easily. So without further delay, enjoy this spoof of the iPhone 5.

iOS 6 Maps Show Multiple Dimensions [Parody]

iOS 6 iphone 5 maps

Some people have complained that the maps in iOS 6 are inaccurate. If you’re are using your iPhone integrated maps feature, you might be finding yourself lost. Have no fear. “Apple” has decided to set the record straight in this parody video.

It’s not that the maps in iOS 6 are inaccurate, they just show dimensions we don’t have access to.