Ways to Make Sure Your Family’s Files are Secure


These days families have digital files saved in a multitude of places: phones, portable music players, desktops, tablets, USB media storage devices that hang from key chains, and, of course, the cloud. Not all file creation or storage habits are safe. E-criminals are always looking for weakly protected files to steal and destroy. If you want your family to be safe, whether using files at home or on the go, consider implementing these strategies below.

Over-sharing Online: How to Avoid Being a Victim and Really Annoying


Social media has opened up new opportunities to share information readily and easily online. If you are wanting to share information about yourself, your passions, your hobbies, and any other topic you merely have to glide your fingers across the keyboard of your laptop of tap the screen of your smart phone. It’s easier than ever to share your likes, dislikes, and anything else you darn-well-please anytime you like with almost anyone you want.

However, before you go sharing anything and everything online you should think about a few key points:

Online Password Safety Tips For You and Your Family


But do your children know about password safety?

Have you taken the time to explain to them how to protect their privacy online by properly managing their passwords?

If you aren’t already discussing password safety with your child, you should start. Password security is one of many child identity theft tips that Identity Guard help you be aware of.