The Best Mobile Games of 2013 – Little Time Commitment, Loads of Fun


Mobile gaming is as big as it’s ever been and the market is poised to grow even more as iOS and Android devices get more powerful. Companies like MadCatz are coming up with exciting gaming accessories dedicated to mobile gaming, and that’s exciting for any early adaptors out there to look out for. Looking at the games on this list, it’s not hard to see why mobile gaming is blowing up!

Crowdfunding $1500 for #GoogleGlass


As you may already know, Google had a recent campaign to select the initial purchases of Google Glass. Interested parties could tweet or compose a Google + message indicating what they would do #IfIHadGlass. If they were selected as a “winner” they would have the opportunity to purchase Google Glass at $1,500, and agree to pick them up in New York, Sacramento, or Los Angeles a year before the public.

11 Super Awesome Apps for Nurses

apps for nurses

If you own a smartphone, and who doesn’t these days, you probably have a lot of apps on there, including plenty of games. There is nothing wrong with that, but you can also use your iPhone or Android phone to help with your nursing career.

From apps that help you study for your nursing board exams, to apps that help you to identify pills, there are plenty of apps that can help you to become more skilled nursing professional.

10 Must-Have Mobile Apps for Holiday Shopping


A recent Pricegrabber survey reports 82 percent of online shoppers will use shopping apps to save on holiday gifts this year. With so many apps to choose from, it’s difficult to distinguish which ones will save you money or just take up memory. As you start to plan your holiday shopping strategy, download these recommended mobile apps that will make your life much easier and purchases much cheaper.

The Marvelous Mobile Lives of Cunning College Students [Infographic]


Today’s generation of cunning college students are more connected and inquisitive than ever. It’s a good thing that smartphones came along to help satiate their quest for knowledge. Young adults are far more likely than their elders to use the internet to look of information, in the middle of the conversation, in a manner that many may find rude or annoying. But they seek out the information they don’t already contain within their head and are constantly longing for more information.

iPhone More Loved Than Facebook [Infographic]


Survey Says: We Don’t Care About Facebook.

Well, we care about facebook, but not as much as we care about our iPhones. In a survey of over 1000 people 67% said they would give up facebook accounts before handing over their iPhone.

I bet Zuckerberg would crap his pants over this one as would the new stockholders… and they’d probably be using an iPhone while doing it.

Expanding and Improving Wireless Broadband: Finally, Something Congress Can Agree On

television rabbit ears tv

Right now a large portion of the wireless spectrum is reserved for traditional radio and television broadcasting (yep rabbit ears and giant antennas). The government gave these to television stations, years ago, for free so that 100% of Americans would have access of the broadcasts.

But now times have changed and the way people receive information has progressed as well. Less than 10% of Americans are watching the television broadcasts over the air for free. Most opt to pay for their television entertainment needs. So this HUGE chunk of airspace is essentially being wasted.

USB Built Right in Your Wall Outlet


CES 2012 featured innovative and exciting products to simplify your life.

One of those innovations happens to be this nifty wall outlet with USB ports right along side of the traditional power sockets. The Power2U AC/USB Wall Outlet is a safe and ultra-convenient way to charge your gadgets.

While you’re probably not going to need or want to replace every power outlet in your home, this would be a great addition to any home office, kitchen, or bedside outlet.