Career Options and Outlook for Medical Assistants

medical assistant

Medical assistants are often the first line of contact between the patient and the physician, and they work in a variety of medical environments, including hospitals and private clinics. On an average day, a medical assistant could check patients in at the receptionist’s desk, perform patient interviews and record medical histories, and organize patient files. From a clinical standpoint, they could perform diagnostic tests like blood pressure and respiratory readings, collecting samples from patients, and labeling and transferring those samples to the lab.

Where a Master of Health Administration Can Take You


Master’s degrees vary in their usefulness, but it’s safe to assume that most individuals who pursue the Master of Health Administration (MHA) come out with a pertinent degree that qualifies them for a variety of careers that are both within their chosen sphere and on the front lines of influencing, shaping and developing public health issues. The fact is, jobs in the health care field are experiencing a surge in numbers, growth which isn’t likely to slow any time soon. Now more than ever, advanced degree-holders, especially in management and leadership, will find that they have varied options and career paths from which to choose, and MHA graduates are no exception. If you’re interested in pursuing public health administration, making a difference in how we treat people and desire a career that, let’s be honest, pays well, consider where an MHA can take you and your career goals.

GIANTmicrobes Gift Box Review and Giveaway


GIANTmicrobes take microscopic, sometimes scary bacteria and body parts and blow them up into a larger than GIANT versions of thier scientific selves. They’re a fun learning aid and cute way to incorproate a little more scient into your life.

As a nurse I spend a large amount of my time attempting to ward off these nasty little boogers, but when you make the cute and cuddly, they become downright charming. I really like the idea of using these in children’s hospitals to teach immune compromised children about their illnesses. Sick kids have a hard enough road to face without fearing what their bodies are facing. The empowerment that having their very own pet germs (GIANTmicrobes) would surely be motivational to any child or adult battling illness.