How to Handle Your Laptops, Tablets, and Smartphones When you Travel and Prevent Summertime Identity Theft [Infographic]


Identity theft during travel is a very scary and very real potential threat.Whether your travel is for business or pleasure, it is up to you make wise decisions and take steps to safeguard yourself while on the road. With smartphones we carry our entire life in our pockets. Are you making sure you are protecting all your personal data stored on your electronic devices?

Online Password Safety Tips For You and Your Family


But do your children know about password safety?

Have you taken the time to explain to them how to protect their privacy online by properly managing their passwords?

If you aren’t already discussing password safety with your child, you should start. Password security is one of many child identity theft tips that Identity Guard help you be aware of.

How to Safely Manage and Protect Your Tax Documents


Handling your tax related documents is a task that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Although you might currently be thinking less about keeping your identity safe, and more about avoiding and audit, it is import to be aware of Tax-Time Identity Theft that can occur. Being aware and proactive in protecting your tax documents is the strongest form of protection against criminals looking to steal your identity.